Richard Thomas

I’ve received some sad news.  Three weeks ago, A colleague of mine, Richard Thomas, passed away of a heart attack.  Those in the PHP community may have known him by his cyberlot handle or by his phpjack web site.

I worked with Richard for a year and a half.  Richard liked solving problems and was always quick to offer solutions when help was needed.  He was an enthusiastic programmer with good attitude. He was well liked.

Richard enjoyed attending PHP conferences.  Richard was active on the Solar framework, writing articles and contributing code.  We had several conversations about a chat project of his, about writing games and various ideas he had.  

Richard is survived by his wife Lisa and four year old daughter Nicollette.  Donations are being accepted to assist them. Even if you haven’t had contact with Richard, consider making a donation if you’ve done freelance work, as Richard was doing at the time of his death. Donations can be sent to:

Niki Fund, 4818 Davis Place #G, Renton WA, 98055

Richard passed away at his computer, doing the work he loved to do. He was 37 years old.

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