php | tek 2008

PHP ElephantWell, I’ve made it to PHP|tek in Chicago. I flew in last night, had a beer with Jason and then used the WiFi in the lobby to spin up an extra large EC2 instance (via RightScale) to do some benchmarks for one of my talks. I’m using the the XL instance because it it is not shared with other users.

I’m still putting the final touches on my slides.

I’m blogging this from Rob Richards’ Working With Web Services presentation. Oh yeah, I work with Rob. Oh yeah, since, I haven’t posted anything in six months … In January, I moved to San Francisco and started work at Mashery. I realized from talking with Jason last night that I really haven’t mentioned that here. They’ve been keeping me pretty busy, hence the lack of blogging.

php|tek is on twitter. So, I’ve finally signed up there. I don’t get it. :)

One last thing, Mashery is Hiring good PHP and Javascript programmers.

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