The most enchanting thing in your kitchen


Aside from having what I believe is the most clever product name possible, the Oiladdin is appropriate in absolutely every way, because it takes inspiration from the oil lamps used back in the olden days, and uses it as a snout/pourer for an oil bottle! (Side note, I just realized it’s a combination of the words Oil+Add+In and I’m honestly shook)

Made entirely out of silicone and with the signature yellow that one would instantly associate with the Disney animated classic (now up for a live-action remake), the Oiladdin allows you to easily pour oil onto your dishes in a small, controlled stream. It even prevents dripping, given its snout shaped opening. The soft construction allows it to securely fit into almost all glass bottles, while the upper part of the lamp can be pressed down to even shut the bottle, preventing oil from spilling everywhere if knocked over. Now who wouldn’t want something so beautiful, functional, nostalgic, and playful in their kitchen?!

It’s a shame this one doesn’t grant wishes though.

Designer: Peleg Design








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