The Beetle Inspired Brew


Coffee machines and cars are two things that need to have bulk, because of their inner components, so an interplay between their design languages seems pretty eminent. For example, if you cast your eyes across the form of any Nespresso coffee machine, the design language and playful details are closely linked to some of the top car brands. Something a little more closely related to the automotive industry is the ‘Barista Beetle’ – a Volkswagen inspired coffee machine designed by Jarim Koo.

Klaus Bischoff – Volkswagen’s Head of Design – describes the brand’s design philosophy in 3 words: “Simple, sophisticated, and different.” Koo has undoubtedly adopted this philosophy across the Barista Beetle. Koo has embodied the brand’s unique image and identity here that is synonymous with the VW Beetle. Smartly detailed, the Barista Beetle has subtle design choices like; the embodiment of the lid and the body, connected without a break in curvature or the chrome bezels on the dials which add a timeless element to this carefully thought out semantic fusion between motor and machine. Similar to brands like SMEG, this Barista Beetle has a unique appeal, adaptable to any interior environment you place it in.

Designer: Jarim Koo












Image Credits: JCT600

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