Google Tries To Connect AdWords Users With Experts

Companies that need a little help with AdWords may now find it easier to receive some thanks to Google.  Only the help won’t come directly from Google, as the search giant’s in fact launched a search engine for Google Advertising Professionals.

It’s not necessary to look far for an explanation of this development.  On the new Google Professionals Search homepage, a blurb suggests that would-be users "[f]ind a Google certified professional or company to help you manage your AdWords campaign."

Then there are fields related to locations, budgets, and the type of assistance that’s needed.  (Note: it looks like Google Professionals Search will give U.S.-only results for as long as it’s in beta.)  Google spits out dozens or hundreds of suggestions when everything’s said and done.

All in all, this is a bit reminiscent of Facebook’s recent attempt to connect companies and celebrities with preferred developers.  It could stir up some arguments about implied endorsements and rankings, too.

Still, since the move should help floundering AdWords users, find new customers for Google Advertising Professionals, and probably increase the use of AdWords, too, it looks like a smart launch on Google’s part.  Hat tip goes to Tim Cohn.

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