Beats for the Black Diamond!

Nothing can enhance a day on the slopes quite like good music! Shred to your favorite soundtracks in absolute comfort and safety with the SOUNDSHIELD by UNIT 1.

Designed just for action sports like snowboarding and skiing, this hybrid headphone/helmet system combines beats and protection in a stylish wearable. Better yet, it features an innovative quick-release tab that makes it possible to easily disengage the headphones for use without the helmet. With its 8 anchor point interlocking system, however, they’re held firmly in place to withstand even extreme movement.

The interface has also been thoughtfully designed to make controlling the volume and tracks a cinch. Even while wearing big gloves, the twist/tap dial system located conveniently on the side of the helmet makes it possible to skip songs, make or end calls, or adjust the volume in seconds!

Designer: Juan Garcia Mansilla of UNIT 1

BUY IT HERE: $189.00 $299.00










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