Wheel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet – punk your kitchen with this piece of hardware

Why are bathrooms and kitchens the easiest spaces in your room to give a steampunk feel to? The answer is because the need for hardware is there so it looks natural unlike a faux mad scientist office. In any case, the Wheel Pull Down Kitchen Faucet will give your food space that Victorian future feel.

This actually comes in a number of finishes [...]

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Ecocapsule – luxury tiny living, totally off grid

Building your own sustainable home doesn’t have to be a huge venture. You don’t always need a greenhouse and compost pile. If you’re looking for something small and modern that’s still off grid, the Ecocapsule is your sustainable tiny living choice.

This little pod has the features of a nice hotel room but with a crunchy reality. It’s completely powered by solar and [...]

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Smart Navigation Insoles – stop looking at your phone and let your feet lead

Being able to just start walking and finding your own way is awesome but not everyone has a great sense of direction. If you want to just go places without constantly checking your smart phone, slip on the Smart Navigation Insoles, the wearable that lets your feet guide you.

These insoles vibrate and pulse to lead you in the right direction. They fit [...]

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