Zunion – Does an Air Purifier Actually Work? [REVIEW]

The name sounds like something from Star Trek, but Zunion is actually a cool little air purifier you can use in your room, office and even your car!

The Zunion Air Purifier was more than 500% funded on Kickstarter and we got a chance to get our hands on an early version. I have to note that we got the IA200 – 300W, while the Kickstarter model is the IA250 – 350W. The [...]

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Quick Peek Smart Storage Labels – organize while you pack

We’ve all done it, pulled a box out of storage and thought, “What in the world did I pack in here?” Then you have to open it to figure things out, probably making a huge mess. Skip that with Quick Peek Smart Storage Labels, the labels that tell you what’s in the box with quick scan from your smart phone.

This system works [...]

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