Fit a flashlight in your wallet


Twiggi revisits a decade old concept known as the Pocket Light, but in a format that’s utilitarian rather than artistic. Designed to be shaped like a credit card with two LEDs on one of the narrow edges, the Twiggi can be switched on and off simply by squeezing the card under the LEDs where the switch lies. To ensure the Twiggi never goes on by accident, the switch needs to be continuously pressed for the Twiggi to work.

The two LEDs on the Twiggi give it enough power to rival most pocket torches. It comes in an impermeable soft PVC case making the Twiggi disposable, but also water and dust proof. The two CR2032 non-lithium ion batteries on the inside can power the Twiggi easily for two years or more. The Twiggi slips right into your wallet or card case, or even purse, allowing you to have access to a nice powerful light when you don’t have a phone on you… or when your phone’s out of battery because you’ve been on Instagram all day.

Designer: Progenomics







Bullying you out of bed!


Mr. Wakey’s the kind of alarm that will do its job regardless of the user’s experience with the product. Whether you love it or hate it, the Mr. Wakey sticks to its design brief of getting you wide awake and even out of bed! The alarm clock comes in a bulbous roly-poly toy shape that stays upright no matter what and is designed to take all your frustration because the only way you can switch the alarm off is by flinging it at a wall. Made out of soft silicone, Mr. Wakey can take all sorts of impact, while mini crash sensors on the inside will detect the force, converting it into points. The harder you throw Mr. Wakey, the higher your chances of silencing it. Keep throwing the toy to rack up enough points to shut Mr. Wakey up and by the time you’re done, you’re wide awake!

The alarm clock is designed with a character that is supposed to taunt you into waking up. The face on Mr. Wakey even comes with this malevolent expression that is made to trigger your wrath so that you feel energized and ultimately less sleepy. The alarm clock even glows with a bright light on the inside to give you audio as well as visual cues with the alarm goes off. Yes, you’ll probably wake up every morning feeling crabby and slightly peeved off, but you’ll wake up for sure!

Designer: Sophie Ng






This bowl is literally ‘hip’


The Waist Bowl is a simple reimagination of the bowl we use for soups to cereals. If you’ve ever tried carrying a bowl, you know it’s rather large for one hand and often requires two hands to carry. Not to mention, if the contents of the bowl are hot, you need to transfer them to a tray or hold them gingerly by the rim, which is the most unstable part to hold it, but is also the coolest. The bowl’s hemispherical shape also makes it rather difficult to invert when kept upside down. While these problems are small, they’re problems nonetheless and often go ignored, because we’ve learnt to normalize them.

Waist Bowl’s solution is simple, elegant, and makes you question the design of the bowl you’ve been using all your life. It comes with a hip or a waist that allows you to simply grip the bowl with a single hand, while also letting you flip bowls over rather easily. A simple solution for a simple product who’s faults we’ve never questioned! Plus, the waist gives the bowl quite a pleasant character, don’t you think?

The Waist Bowl is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Jonathan Saphiro Salim




Functional Flowers for Your Kitchen


Doubloom is a darling spice canister set that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen! Each canister in the set of 3 sports its own unique stemmed flower supported snuggly in the lid when not in use. Not only for decor, the ornamental stems double as a spoon for your seasonings. They’re also double sided so you can transition between tablespoon and half-tablespoon simply by twisting it around. As cute as they are convenient, they’ll add fresh style to your kitchen interior.

Designer: Wanki Kim







Ever seen a portable desktop!?


I’d classify the Lavolta iMac Carrying Bag as an absurdly useful product. It brings (in some capacity) the one element the iMac lacks in comparison to the MacBook. Portability.

The iMac, no matter how sleek, is still a very cumbersome product. It fits well in an office, but to a nomadic freelancer, it’s a best friend and worst enemy. The iMac can produce some stellar work, but you still need to carry your laptop to meetings to show work to clients. The Lavolta iMac Bag changes that. Just slip the bag over the iMac, making sure the stand fits right through the hole on the bag’s side, and you have a completely portable work-machine that can be carried by simply slinging around your shoulder!

The stylish bag gives your powerful workstation the advantage of portability, even allowing you to carry your keyboard and trackpad/mouse in it via the pockets on the side. The bag’s exterior is a nice blend of vogue and professional, while the inside has a microfiber lining to make sure your machine stays safe and scratch-proof throughout your commute.

Perfect for the traveling professional, or any iMac user who wants the power of the iMac but the freedom of a MacBook, the Lavolta is weird to look at no doubt, but its convenience overpowers everything else! Besides, it can even be used as a cover case for the iMac, preventing it from gathering dust when not in use.

Designer: Lavolta