Type 1 or 2, This is Type Cool


Medical devices are often generic looking, boxy edged products with poor material finishes and a string of afterthoughts. This can make sense due to the limited number of batches produced yearly, margins, visibility of product etc. That’s why it’s so nice to see the complete rebranding and stunning redesign of the Arkray glucometer. In 2012, Kenya Hara (former director of Muji) asked Yeongkyu Yoo (founder of cloudandco) to redesign the Arkray glucometer to match the brand vision and UI design language set in place by Kenya Hara, and after much anticipation, here it is.

Yoo did this in spectacular fashion, with what can only be described as a positively gorgeous upgrade – the glucometer has a somewhat pebble shape to it, fitting softly into the hand. The interface is located on the front of the device, large enough to be seen clearly but not too large as to be obstructed by the user’s hand while holding the device. The glucometer is covered in a powder coated ABS material, soft to the touch, with very simple branding located below the screen and towards the bottom of the device. The interaction points on the rear of the device are very straightforward and elegant, making this product a strong foot forward in the innovation and rejuvenation of medical devices. I certainly hope that Hara and Yoo are taking on more medical companies because if this definitely showing us how it’s done.

Designers: Yeongkyu Yoo of cloudandco & Kenya Hara





The most enchanting thing in your kitchen


Aside from having what I believe is the most clever product name possible, the Oiladdin is appropriate in absolutely every way, because it takes inspiration from the oil lamps used back in the olden days, and uses it as a snout/pourer for an oil bottle! (Side note, I just realized it’s a combination of the words Oil+Add+In and I’m honestly shook)

Made entirely out of silicone and with the signature yellow that one would instantly associate with the Disney animated classic (now up for a live-action remake), the Oiladdin allows you to easily pour oil onto your dishes in a small, controlled stream. It even prevents dripping, given its snout shaped opening. The soft construction allows it to securely fit into almost all glass bottles, while the upper part of the lamp can be pressed down to even shut the bottle, preventing oil from spilling everywhere if knocked over. Now who wouldn’t want something so beautiful, functional, nostalgic, and playful in their kitchen?!

It’s a shame this one doesn’t grant wishes though.

Designer: Peleg Design








No more burning midnight oil


Sitting obediently, like a watchful owl above your iMac, the Grph Light wonderfully illuminates your immediate workspace with a wash of warm light, almost like a soft spotlight above your keyboard. Since Apple’s external keyboards come without a backlight, and the mouse doesn’t really illuminate, the Grph adds a touch of functionality, allowing you to work in the dark. The Grph hooks to your machine via USB, giving you light without hogging a plug-point. It rests with sheer ease on the top of your iMac and can slide left or right, depending on where you want to shine light, i.e., depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. A simple button on the top allows you to toggle the 6 LEDs on the inside that provide 100 Lumens of light.

The Grph comes in a wooden body which some may love, but our only criticism is not having an anodized Aluminum variant to match the iMac’s style!

Designer: Massess






Behold the upside down!


Yes, that’s a reference to Stranger Things, and I’m absolutely stoked for Season 2 that’s coming out just days before Halloween, but let’s move our attention to the absolute piece of perfection that is the Lensball. Available in 60mm and 80mm variants, this perfect sphere made from K9 crystal completely flips your world upside down, both literally and figuratively.

The Lensball adds a real life photo filter (and an absolutely beautiful one at that) to your photos. Perfect for almost any photo, be it in a natural or urban setting, be it of a product or a person, the Lensball draws attention to your composition by flipping things 180° and giving them a rather nifty fish-eye effect. It even comes with a convenient carrying case so that it doesn’t get damaged, whereas the K9 crystal gives it scratch-resisting properties (K9 is one of the most commonly used materials in lenses and optics).

Although a word of caution, the Lensball being a pretty large lens, can magnify the sun’s rays too… so use with care in direct sunlight!

Designer: Lensball












One Wild One-Wheeler


Little is known about the MonoBike or what, if any, production plans exist, but it’s an imagination-inspiring concept with cool steampunk style! Designed by Doug Chiang and Emin Cenker, this uni-moto is likely balanced and maintains a permanently upright position with a hidden gyroscopic system. Like other gyroscopic vehicles in testing, this makes for ultra-compactness and unmatched maneuverability. As for its power, we’re guessing those three pipes at the rear are either exhausts for an inline-triple or jet packs themselves.

Designers: Doug Chiang & Emin Cenker