Introducing, the Dronut!


This design gave me the giggles! Policemen love donuts, so it only makes sense that this police drone follow the same form. Designer Kegan McDaniel calls it the ARUS drone but I’m calling dibs on the term “dronut” right now!

But seriously, it’s designed for release during emergency situations as a first response unit that can provide immediate surveillance before ground units can get to the scene. This helps law enforcement and emergency crews properly staff scenarios that differ from one to the next. As an eye in the sky, it also helps deter crime and provides helpful valuable documentation and evidence.

Designer: Kegan McDaniel







Thumb drives that save lives

Now here’s some tech I will happily rally behind. Elegant and life-saving (or even property-saving), this is the Sound Grenade+. Created by B A S U (previously known as Robocopp… I’m guessing there were complications involved there), this pen-drive sized gadget is a full blown emergency siren. It comes with two parts. A pin on top, and the base, which emits the sounds at 130 decibels (equivalent to an ambulance siren) when the pin on top is removed. The Sound Grenade+ acts as a criminal deterrent by blasting loud sound waves. You can use it as a tripwire, tying the pin and base via thread, or happily hang it on your backpack, for safety reasons. When you feel threatened, pop the pin out (this would happen if someone triggered the tripwire too) and the sound grenade lets out a shrill siren (which works under water too), effectively alarming the culprit. Chances are, they’ll turn tail and run away.

The Sound Grenade+ runs on CR1632 batteries (the tablet shaped ones) and when tripped, will ring continuously for 30 minutes, unless the pin is replaced on the base. Rugged and waterproof, the Sound Grenade+ is heavily recommended for travelers, students, and women, effectively replacing items like the rape whistle. It can even provide an instant alarm for people outdoors against predators or attackers. B A S U is also working on a Sound Grenade that fits a sim-card and can auto-call 911 when triggered, which will debut at the end of this year.

Designer: B A S U











The Chameleon Shoe with 10,000 Variations

UPDATE: Less than 72 hours left on their campaign with over $60K raised!

The Ki ecobe is one of those eye-opening products that you experience once in a few years. Designed with an aim to be socially responsible and sustainable in mind, the Ki ecobe footwear becomes one of the most impressively designed products with an even more impressive list of problems solved through great design application.

The footwear design comes as separate modules that can not just be interchanged for style, but even worn separately for functionality. Rugged when you want it, bare-basic when you need it, and comfortable when you demand it, the Ki ecobe manages to pull off something no one in the shoe industry has dreamed of achieving… Complete, well-articulated modularity that has a strong purpose. Born from a need to make a show that challenges the unsafe sweatshop practices of having people and children work with toxic chemicals, the Ki ecobe doesn’t use a single drop of glue. Rather than presenting itself as a challenge, the absence of glue actually makes the Ki ecobe a vastly better shoe than most.

The Ki ecobe comes as three different styles of footwear. The in-boot is like a good-looking and comfortable pair of foam/fabric indoor shoes and is designed so it can stay on your feet at all times (they’re also washable). A rugged outsole, strap, and laces can be added to the in-boots, turning indoor slipper into outdoor sneaker. Your feet remain guarded always, and the outsole protects the in-boots from getting damaged. You can directly wear the outsole and strap without the in-boots too, like a pair of laced sandals. The outsole comes with a rather unique tread that acts as a Lego brick stud as the strap fits comfortably into it, giving you shoe that’s incredible to look at even from the bottom. Each component comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, giving you the ability to make up to 10,000 different styles… or even 14 different styles if you were to buy two separate Ki ecobes and mix and match between In-boots, Outsoles, Straps, and Laces. You can custom select the color/pattern for each and every component of your Ki ecobe shoe on purchase, along with your size, pretty much allowing you to design/build your own shoe to your personal taste.

Each Ki ecobe takes not more than 5 minutes to be built, unlike shoes/sneakers that require manual labor and an average of 30 minutes per piece of footwear. Since parts are made separately, they can be swapped when they begin experiencing wear and tear, meaning you discard modules and not the shoe itself. The shoes come molded and stitched/knitted; and all the assembly is done through the laces and the press-fit between the outsole and the strap. Not a single drop of glue is used anywhere in the manufacturing process, therefore making workspace conditions much safer for the laborers involved, while also resulting in a shoe that won’t fail you because of build-quality issues.

It’s unsurprising that the Ki ecobe has bagged almost all conceivable design awards for being a shoe that impressively tackles three giants of shoe design, i.e., modularity, unsafe working conditions, and the set-in-its-ways footwear industry. Among many, the footwear design is a recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the Green Good Design Award, and was a finalist at the IDEA Awards. Click below to support the Ki ecobe and be a part of history as it changes the footwear industry for the better… and let’s hope the big shoe companies can “follow this one’s footsteps”!

Designer: G.D Kim

BUY NOW: $79.00 $99.00













BUY NOW: $79.00 $99.00

Stellar Lighting


Since the beginning of humankind, we’ve been mesmerized, captivated, and perplexed by meteor showers. In awe of these shooting stars, designer Moen Wen has created a way to enjoy them indoors. This series of stellar pendant lamps mimics the meteor’s unmistakeable movement and streaking tail. Cluster them together to create your own indoor meteor shower or use one individually to illuminate your space like the cosmos!

Designer: Moen Wen




Contemporary collapsible colander

Everything about the RMDLO Colander is creative, from its name to the product itself. Designed by Ran Merkazy, an ex-employee at Dyson, the colander can A. open out into a full scale perforated bowl used for draining or steaming, B. collapse into a flat strip that can be stored in drawers, or hung to dry, and C. warp, allowing you to bend it as you drain out water and then pour the contents out into a vessel big or small.

Named after its inspiration, the Armadillo, the RMDLO colander has a mechanism we’ve seen before in the Pangolin Backpack and the Suli Lamp, but never before in kitchenware. The flexible foldable shape allows you to use the RMDLO with other vessels of any sizes. The colander bends to accommodate the size of the other container, while the handle stops it from slipping in (when used to steam veggies). Aside from being the embodiment of sleek, functional, and delightful, the RMDLO colander is also dishwasher safe and BPA-free!

Designers: Ran Merkazy & Freddie Camrass.