Most Buzzed Designs of October 2017


Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in October 2017.


We’re always in the mooooood for a good packaging design and this one is udderly the best! Quite simply, it’s shaped like a cows udder which is not only freakin’ cute but ergonomic.

Using a heat, steam and an internal pressing machine, it irons your clothes for you.


The O’ket power strip makes it possible to combine and switch up your plug arrangements. The sockets are perfectly spaced to accommodate varying sizes and shapes.


Fidget spinners are toys, the ONO Roller is a mentally and physically therapeutic product.



Designer Michio Papers created Google Link, a bridge between the two faces of the tech industry to revive the laptop and the tablet while giving them the makeover they needed.


That whole Air Umbrella thing never really took off because the tech just isn’t quite there yet. But now there’s a new design utilizing air and it’s dominating the staying-dry game!

Called Plevo, it’s a luggage designed for those of us who don’t want wrinkles in our clothes, are always in desperate need of a phone charger and are obsessive about security.


This truck doesn’t require a driver thanks to the autonomous functionality, so in-turn, the Surus also doesn’t need a cabin.


Altern isn’t quite a bus, but it’s not quite a train! Instead, this transportation hybrid takes the best qualities of both to maximize the existing urban architecture within cities.

The Modern Fuel Pencil 2.0 just embodies visual perfection. For starters, the tolerances are so low and the parts fit together with such mechanical precision, you can seldom see parting lines, and that’s what makes the Modern Fuel 2.0 so visually… perfect.


This Joshua Tree Residence is a true thing of beauty – breaking out from its core and exploding in all directions. The exterior reaches out like branches of a tree, soaking up every ray of light the day will give.

Tetris Tables are the Best Tables!


Tables are usually made for bringing people together – however, the Tetris Table is designed for people to bring it together. Beijing studio ‘People’s Industrial Design Office’ has developed a set of tables that can be separated, then be rearranged and slotted back together in any configuration the user wishes. These tables were designed to “accommodate the unpredictable needs of companies in flux.” Given the name, there are 5 different table shapes which fit together similar to that of the Tetris tiles.

These tables aren’t just a fun way to manipulate workspaces they’re space-saving too – the Tetris Tables are stacked after use to make storing them away a breeze. Not only this, they slot together in a tight fit, friction style which makes assembly and disassembly of arrangements quick and easy.

Designer: People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO)







The Professional’s Productivity Tool!

UPDATE: Less than 48 hours left, grab yours now!

Someone clearly looked at the fidget spinner and concluded that it was noisy, unsafe, childish, and a total waste of time. That someone then went on to redesign it, perfect it, and then the ONO Roller was born. Fidget spinners are toys, the ONO Roller is a mentally and physically therapeutic product.

Touted as the professional way to fidget, the ONO is calming, safe, and most importantly, noiseless. It doesn’t distract you from your work, and the fact that it doesn’t make noise as well (as compared to fidget spinners/cubes or those clicking pens) makes it ideal for the workplace… a place where stress is usually at its highest point. The ONO models itself on a roller… Built with two rolling drums and an I shaped midpiece, the ONO can not only be used discreetly as a fidget spinner/roller to help maintain focus and keep your hands busy, but its inherent design allows it to work as a massager as well. Perfect for distracted minds as well as sore muscles, the ONO is great for long hours at the office, or unwinding on weekends, or just rolling against your sore muscles after a strenuous gym session.

Made entirely from machined aluminum, the ONO feels robust and solid to hold. The metallic surface is hard and can really de-stress those muscles, plus its cold smooth metal body feels great in the palms. For a roller/spinner touted as a professional stress-relieving product, the ONO comes in color variants fitting to be placed in any office. Available in the classic silver, anodized black, and rose gold variants, you can choose a fidget roller that matches your smartphone, or your office decor. The ONO helps you maintain focus, stay relaxed, and keeps bad habits like nail biting or foot tapping at bay. Fidget spinners are for pre-pubescents and teenagers. The ONO Roller is for boosting productivity and focus in the active workplace.

Designer: Ari Horowitz

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By curling your fingers or lightly squeezing your hand, ONO will rotate and roll within your fingers. Change direction by curling your fingers in reverse. ONOs patent pending design engages your entire hand in a continuous, effortless motion.


How often do find yourself impulsively reaching for your phone just to stay occupied? Alternately, pick up an ONO Roller to keep your hand and mind active instead of distracted! The rotating movement keeps your fingers, hand, and forearm in use at all times, helping to promote dexterity all while having fun.








Click here to Buy Now: $22.00 $36.00

Grab the Future by the Horns

It’s hard to imagine Lamborghini ever ditching the guzzle of a petrol engine for a silent hyperdynamic electric system. It’s thanks to the beautiful design of the Terzo Millennio, that shows that maybe Lamborghini is thinking very seriously about a move into the future of electric vehicles. Working alongside MIT to develop one of the most advanced cars on the road, Lamborghini is grabbing the bull by the horns with this concept, and it is certainly paying off. Astonishingly, the design language for the Italian giant hasn’t changed here, and it’s a happy sight. This intimidatingly cool vehicle is a beast. Simultaneously curvaceous and edgy, the Terzo Millennio is aggressively going to take over the future of electric vehicles and I welcome it with open arms.

Designers: Lamborghini & MIT

















Postcards that Dance and Move!

Who said the art of printing photos was dead? I can tell you for sure it wasn’t Lifeprint. With the recent release of Fujifilm instax SQ printer, it’s safe to say that printing photos from your smartphone is very much at large and Lifeprint is all over it. Instantly print photos and Augmented Reality photos directly from your Apple or Android smartphone – that’s right, Augmented Reality photos (think of the kind of stuff you saw on Harry Potter). Using Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality HyperPhoto technology, the user can now hold the printed photo (selected frame from the video) up to their phone and view the video behind the picture. This new form of sending and retaining memories is refreshing and exciting.

Building on a recently booming Sprocket industry, the Lifeprint adds value to small prints. Designed to look sleek so it slides into most bags (whereas a printer or a polaroid wouldn’t), the Lifeprint can deliver images via thermal printing in just 30 seconds. Compact and sleek, the Lifeprint’s envelope is not much bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus, making it a breeze to even carry around in your pocket so you can bring your Snapchat snaps to life! Plus with Niantic releasing a Harry Potter game next year, these would literally make life feel like magic!

Designer: Loft for Lifeprints