Soft skills in a hard hat


Designed to help unskilled workers acquire skill sets faster, and learn on the job, the eHat System is a hard hat with literally a guide inside it. Designed with a control panel to set up comms, a camera on the lip of the hat, and an audio system near the ears, the hat allows workers to communicate with their supervisors who guide them step by step as they do their job, allowing them to not just complete the task at hand, but actually learn how to do certain tasks while on site.

The eHat’s design maintains a slim profile, covering the worker’s head exactly the way a regular hard hat would. It comes in a vibrant lime green, deviating from the standard yellow, white, red, and blue color schemes, and in that move, creating a brand image of its own.

While some would argue that having an unskilled worker on location seems like a bad idea, it’s actually quite ingenious because the unskilled worker has audio and video comms with an expert trainer constantly guiding them through the process. eHat’s utilisation makes workplaces safer and more productive, whilst enabling expert trainers to extend their teaching beyond the classroom for longer!

Designer: Katapult Design




Outta this World Audio!

As minimalistic as this spherical Neptune speaker is, it’s also surprisingly modular. The orb delivers 360 degree audio but actually consists of 3 distinct speaker units that can work in tandem or independently. “Nepsides” as they’re called, split away from the central unit and can be used simultaneously or independently while you take your tunes with you from room to room. The main unit will continue to work and automatically switch off when you rejoin the Nepsides!

Designer: Walpix




Cards that can unlock your freedom


I quite like MasterCard’s slogan. It goes “There are some things money can’t buy, for everything else, there’s MasterCard”. It’s really nice, but allow me to make a tiny change, because there’s a new type of card that can buy you freedom to a decent degree. If MasterCard’s cards are for finance, Readyman’s cards are for survival. Readyman’s survival kit comprises 3-4 cards that can literally fit into your wallet. When you need them, the cards can transform into life-saving tools, handy in situations ranging from being lost in the wild, to being taken hostage, to even medical emergencies.

Readyman’s cards are made in 301 Stainless Steel and come broadly in four kinds. A medical card comes with all first-aid tools, ranging from tweezers to bandage clips. The hostage card comes with a set of lock-picks that allows you to get out of a hostage situation. The wilderness card comes with basic hunting tools like fish-hooks and arrow-heads, and lastly, the AR-15 cleaning card allows you to clean and maintain your firearms.

Designer: Readyman








The Ultimate Chill Chair


Cozy up with the Cole chair! Designed to put you in your own little cocoon of comfort, its built-in blanket “wings” will envelop you in a warm, soft, snuggly way. Perfect for anything from napping to watching a movie or reading a book! When it’s too warm to cover up, just leave the sides down for a cool, casual look with contrasting colors.

Designer: Kseniya Alferova






Not Your Daddy’s Farm


When you imagine a farm, this is probably the last thing you’d think of… and that’s precisely its appeal! Called Lotus, this floating architecture is at once a space for growing veggies, dining, and socializing within urban environments. The structure utilizes a vertical design to house its various hydroponic and greenhouse stations. Inside and out, visitors and diners can enjoy waterside views and watch and learn more about there food growing as they dine. Designed to be built on waterways and lakes within cities, they capitalize on centrally located free space to avoid interfering with the existing structures.

Designers: Taeung Kim, Sunae Shin, Sungho An, Seungjun Lee & Mirae Park