This Dyson Sucks at Cleaning


But it kills at making coffee! This concept explores what we might expect from the dominating vacuum brand if they ventured into the world of kitchen appliances. Those familiar with the existing product line will recognize a similar design language in the chamber, lining, vent holes and even translucent sections (where the fan would be) that now displays the water reservoir. For the coffee maker, lighting has been added to highlight the brewing and pour process. Using a top-of-the-line Dyson motor, coffee capsules are extracted with precision settings that the user can customize!

Designer: Hyun Su Jang








The Fourth Dimension… in 3D!

Until now we’ve only looked at time in a two dimensional representation. Hands move around a flat dial, numbers show up on a flat screen. Time is the fourth dimension, but it seems to be trapped in a two dimensional space.

Back in 2015, 22 Design Studio decided to change our perception of time as something 2D, with the 4D watch, a watch with a depth that was physical as well as philosophical. Cast in concrete, the watch dial had steps that ascended from 1 to 12, showing progression or an ascension, rather than a repetitive circular movement. 22 Studio comes back to reinvent that watch. Armed with their ever-expanding knowledge of working with concrete, and a Swiss-made Sellita SW200-1 movement, the 4D Watch gets its timely aesthetic and functional upgrade. Now with a date atrium, a more detailed concrete dial, an automatic movement that comes with a 38 hour reserve, encased in the same design philosophy that made the original 4D watch such an object of beauty.

Over the years 22 Design Studio has associated themselves very closely with concrete, using them as a standout material for all their products, because concrete has the reputation of being a builder’s material. Concrete creates societies, builds homes, and civilizations. No other material has been given this status, and 22 Design Studio’s products wear it almost as a badge of honor. The 4D Concrete Watch Automatic’s concrete watch face explores more intricate details, never before seen in concrete. Encased in a brass casing that patinas as it ages, the watch celebrates the passing of time, turning time itself into a design detail too. On the back, to balance the impressive nature of the concrete dial is the exhibition window that allows you to view the Swiss movement in its magical glory.

Each watch comes with a sapphire glass casing, and a date atrium (an addition in this series) that gives a magnified, magnificent window into the date. The atrium itself comes with a metal pipe casing that echoes the watch’s body. The two metallic rings complement each other, and also the Italian leather watch strap, which combined, hold together a watch that celebrates not just the fourth dimension, but all four dimensions!

Designer: Sean Yu of 22 Design Studio

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The Signature Edition Stainless Steel


The Signature Edition Brass


Exclusive Shadow Edition







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A cozy down jacket for your feet


Shoes, especially ones for women, seldom look as comfortable as the Teva Ember Moc. Designed to be almost like a cozy sleeping bag for your feet, these ultra comfortable shoes look the part, with the triangular knitted pattern, inspired by down jackets.

Designed for the cold (as the season is now upon us), these shoes (for men AND women) are great for outdoors, for when you’re hanging around a campfire, or even indoors, because they make no compromises in the comfort and style departments. Easy to wear, the shoes hug your feet with their polyester and suede overlay. The EVA midsole gives the underside of your foot the soft comfort it needs, while the rubber sole gives you a good grip, ideal for outdoor use. However, I’m uncontrollably in love with the quilted triangular pattern on the shoe’s top!

Designer: Teva









Handy, eye-candy, phone-standy


It’s pretty simple, elegant, and I believe smartphone manufacturing companies can truly add value to their customers’ lives by including one of them in every smartphone box. I’m talking about this stand designed by Kyuho, Juan, Joongu & Found/Founded. Designed to be flat when folded, but a rather elegant and portable charging solution when opened out, the stand folds out to become a nifty phone charging and display dock as well as a smartwatch charging/display dock. Made to be as handy and as portable as the phones and chargers themselves, the stand is rather neat, and provides a consolidated charging orientation that could be pretty handy for workspaces and bedside tables, removing the clutter, and adding a slight bit of organization. Plus, I think that orange looks absolutely delicious!

Designers: Kyuho Song, Juan Lee, Joongu Kim & Found/Founded.








Smashing Assistive Tech Stigma


This thoughtful design by Julia Marina Cunha forces us to examine our attitudes about hearing disabilities. For years, hearing aid designs have gotten “better” by blending in with the human body. However, this masking of the device also perpetuates the concept that hearing loss or disability is something to be ashamed of.

Designed with this in mind, OH is at once a hearing aid and a fashion accessory. It allows the user to customize the product by changing the external ring’s range of textures and colors. It can also be used as an earring or attached hearing pin. However it’s worn or in whatever style, it’s aim is to diminish the stigma associated with assistive technology and enhance the user’s self confidence.

Designer: Julia Marina Cunha