These headphones can train your brain

You know how people achieve great feats by putting mind over matter? A mother can lift an entire car to save her baby, a man can walk bare feet on burning embers. All this is achieved by putting your mind into a desired state that makes you push your body to the limits. It’s all in the mind, and in the correct mental state, your body can perform better.

Now the Halo Sport isn’t going to prime you to lift cars, walk on red hot coals, or swim a river, but these headphones can do something pretty marvelous. Designed like normal headphones to be worn during training, these cans come with two brain-stimulating pads that can help you boost your performance by sending mild electric tingles to get the motor cortex of your brain in a state of “neural plasticity”. During this time, whatever you train in, your brain adapts and grows faster, increasing your strength, speed, skill, and endurance. The Halo Sport comes paired with an app that allows you to adjust settings based on the kind of neuro-priming or mental stimulation you need. It’s recommended that you use the Halo for roughly 20 minutes prior to your training or your workout so that you can extract every bit from it. From sportspeople, to fitness freaks, to even musicians, Halo Sport has delivered some ‘shockingly’ good results!

Designer: Halo Neuroscience










Privacy made Portable!

When closed, the Alcove looks like any regular slim bag that’s carrying either your work files or your laptop. However, fold open the flaps and the Alcove turns into a portable workstation that gives you total privacy as you quickly get your work done on a plane, or in that Starbucks, or even in your office, to prevent your colleagues from prying into your workspace to see what you’re up to. Alcove is privacy made portable, giving you the power to turn your lap or any flat surface into an immediate no-disturbance work-zone.

The two flaps on the sides of the Alcove are designed to provide a nice enclosed space giving you all the peace and privacy you need. Aside from warding off sneak peeks from the guy in the seat beside yours, the material used in the Alcove comes engineered to perfection to channel sound, so you could be watching a video, or having a Skype call and none of the audio from the laptop leaks out and disturbs people around you (sounds perfect for a library). Alcove also comes with a light bar that helps illuminate your workspace for when your laptop gets replaced with books or papers, giving you the ability to work at any time of the day aside from the freedom to work anywhere. Once done, just close the upper flap and fold-in the side-flaps in and you’re ready to keep moving!

Designers: Yared Akalou & Sergio Aleman Jr.















If Muji made televisions


I vividly remember absolutely hating Samsung’s Serif TV. I loved the idea of designing a television to fit into a Scandinavian/Japanese styled home, but as far as the Serif TV’s visual language went, it was an atrocious combination of technology and typography. However, the Maison TV does right by that concept, creating a beautiful albeit block shaped TV that wonderfully fits into a home’s decor, while setting a completely new visual style for its product category.

Absolutely pure in its design language, the Maison TV looks like something Muji would build. The simple white block form with the four detachable legs give the TV a certain elegance which makes the television look like an object fit for a home, rather than a showroom. The thickness of the TV stems from its inclusive design, that has empty spaces in the back for storing streaming boxes, and even for cable management, so that you’re left with a TV that doesn’t have any odd boxes or wires corrupting its beauty. The Maison TV comes with beautiful flush controls on the side, along with a remote that echoes the same style that makes the Maison TV’s design language tick every single box in Rams’ ten commandments of good design!

Designers: Seongkyeong Son & PDF Haus








A leather robe for the iPhone X


The problem with leather initially was that it was a 2 dimensional fabric. You couldn’t really wrap leather around curves without causing it to kink or fold, which meant leather cases for phones usually had just a flat piece of leather on a wooden or plastic framework. Mujjo’s proprietary technology allows for actual leather molding, making it take pretty much any shape you desire. The iPhone X cases by Mujjo are made entirely of the finest vegetable tanned leather from top to bottom, including the buttons.

Aside from being able to ensconce your phone in premium leather, Mujjo’s cases come with a slot that let you stash your cards in it, making the priceless iPhone a little bit more priceless, that’s if priceless-ness is quantifiable! The cases come with a Japanese microfiber inner lining that make sure the glass back of the iPhone doesn’t gather scratches, while the leather case forms a healthy 1mm lip around the phone, protecting the screen from making contact with any surface in case it accidentally falls from your hands. The case holds up to two cards and if you’re the kind who wants to separate phone from wallet, Mujjo even makes full leather regular cases that will rival Apple’s own cases. My heart’s set on the olive one!

Designer: Remy Nagelmaeker of Mujjo









Don’t Stresso with this Espresso

The past few years have seen the coffee brew devices market explode thanks to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can now enjoy the same well-rounded flavor from your local barista straight from the machine or you can replicate this on top of a mountain, your pick. I think I’ll go with the machine, but the fact that the option is there – that’s amazing. With these advances made, it would appear the market seems to have nailed down the fundamentals and are now striving to make better-looking products.

Staresso is certainly the ones making strides in the right direction with their espresso maker. Having won a Red Dot, this gorgeous espresso maker really does stand out from the crowd. Simple to use and elegantly designed, this device can be used in an array of locations from the office and house, to the great outdoors and business trips – and above all the Staresso Espresso Maker requires no special maintenance and due to its open design, it makes cleaning the device easy and quick. The thought process for this product doesn’t just stop at the device, the packaging reflects the design choices of the product and completes a well-rounded package fit for any coffee lover.

Designer: Staresso