Stay fuelled, stay fit!


With the new year fast approaching, it’s that time again where desperate resolutions are made – join the gym, quit smoking, less cake, start yoga and a multitude of many more. If you are one of these people or you find yourself talking to a friend who has decided to pick one of these up, then the W&P Designed Water Bottle Roller is the perfect gift. This 2-in-1 workout essential combines an insulated double-water water bottle with a removable high- density foam sleeve that turns the bottle into a portable foam roller for massaging muscles and joints. The bottle itself is nothing fancier than your run of the mill insulated container but the addition of the foam roller adds an element of mystery to passers-by and certainly helps in the prevention of damaging the bottle too. A useful gift and definitely a practical form of innovation around an already established product.

Designer: W&P Design



An Appliance in Disguise


The Cozy table exists at the intersection of furniture and appliance, doing double duty as a both a side table and indoor air purifier. Because certain appliances can be eyesores in your living space, it only makes sense that certain products be camouflaged or hybridized into something that already exists!

Cozy’s straightforward aesthetic makes it a subtle accent to any bedroom, living room or den, classic or contemporary. As an added bonus, the top surface doubles as an induction charger for Android and late model iPhones AND there’s a built in light. So, whether you’re a master at minimalism or just looking to clean up your clutter, it’s an easy solution to reduce the number of items you need and see!

Designer: Jinsu Doo









Ride the storm with your hands warm

The single worst thing about riding a motorbike is the cold, cold winters, sitting at the traffic lights looking at everyone signing away in their warm cars. It’s near impossible to look cool when you’re shivering. Who has it tougher than those cool bike riders? Delivery men and women who drive for hours on end in the harsh winter conditions.

Byeongjun Kim has designed a simple yet effective solution to those cold winter journeys – the B-HEAT. This is a hot air fan for motorcycles that recycles exhausted engine heat. While riding, B-HEAT self-generates and saves electricity by upwind, and while waiting for a signal, it sucks and conveys heat up to the driver. With the simple twist of the outside tubing, the user can determine the speed at which they deliver the hot air up to the body.

The B-HEAT isn’t made for every bike though, designed for the Underbone – one of the styles of motorcycles that uses structural tube framing with an overlay of plastic or non- structural body panels, and are most popular in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, Taiwan and China for both daily-life and business purposes. In Underbone, the engine is located under the main body frame, between drivers’ feet, so that there are holes for maintenance on the front faring. Using these hole, B-HEAT fit on almost every Underbone bike and no tools are needed for installation.

Designer: Byeongjun Kim
















Never leave your bike-lock behind!

Not only does the Seatylock help secure your bike safely to any immovable object, it also ensures that even if the thief manages to break past the lock, they’re going to have absolutely the most painful time making a getaway with your bike because the Seatylock, aside from being a bike lock, is also the bike saddle!

This two-in-one design not only makes sure you always have your bike-lock handy, it also helps make theft so severely counter-intuitive, it’s less likely to happen. Made from weather-proof, as well as damage-proof materials, the Seatylock will resist pretty much all sorts of breakage with its drill-resistant construction… and will do so in any type of weather, come rain, sun, or snow. Aside from that, it means if someone ever manages to destroy your lock, they better have an extra saddle handy or it’s going to be a VERY uncomfortable case of grand theft if you know what I mean! Ouch!

Designer: Seatylock










The disaster tent that outlives its need


Designed completely with a cradle to grave mindset, the Lattice Tent serves all needs. From a shelter for humans in both recreational and safety setups, to even a greenhouse towards the end of its life, the Lattice Tent is made up of multiple thoughtfully-designed components, beginning with a proprietary “hat” that serves as an attachment platform for utilities like radio antennae, satellite dishes, and rain harvesting systems, held up by a SUP (Set-Up Pole) that provides initial support. The Lattice name comes from the lattice shaped outer skeleton that is inflated, and then lined on the inside with lightweight yet durable walls that are made from an eco-friendly membrane. The entire Lattice can be packed tightly into a cylinder that occupies as much space as a gym bag. The Lattice can be easily broken down too by scattering seeds around it and allowing the membrane to erode to turn the Lattice tent into a hub for plant growth. Grazed on and trampled on by farm animals, the once rigid structure will be ground down and eroded to a point where what remains can be easily removed and disposed of.

The Lattice Tent is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designers: Rodney Adank, Andrew Drain, Michael Jones, Sam McCafferty & Lachlan McIntyre.