Your Child’s Imaginary Friend Made Real!

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“Studies show that children do not fully understand the concept of time until around 8 years old.” The next time your toddler wakes you up at 4 in the morning because he thinks it’s playtime, maybe this statement will shine some light on why. A child’s non-adherence to time often spills into the adult’s life too, making parents lose precious hours of sleep or work because they need to attend to their meddlesome children. You can’t simply explain to a child that it’s bedtime (many have tried), however a child learns from their environment… and the Mella tries to be that environment.

The Mella is a smart clock that anthropomorphizes the concept of time… in short, it’s a clock face with a literal face! Designed to become the child’s friend, the Mella, through example, shows the child when it’s playtime and when it’s sleepytime. The face on the clock ‘falls asleep’ when it’s nap-time, giving the kid context as well as a companion to sleep with. The child, over time, begins to understand that he/she must sleep when the Mella is asleep, and must wake up when the Mella is awake.

The Mella was created in part to help children grasp the concept of time, but it was also designed to give adults an extra few hours of sleep! Parents can configure the Mella to their convenience, allowing the adult to communicate to the child through the friendly medium of the clock. Along with its cute expressive face, Mella comes with a color-altering halo-light. The light not only works as a night-lamp, it also plays a role in helping kids understand the significance of color. The yellow light indicates to the child that it’s okay to be awake, but nap-time isn’t over yet. As soon as the light turns green, the child knows that they can get out of bed. Perfect for getting children to follow YOUR schedule, the Mella is ideal for naps, time-outs, or even indicating playing times. Its sleep-sound generator and soothing night lamp work along with the cute LED display face + clock to put the child to bed when you go to bed… Go ahead and get that extra hour of sleep and thank me in the morning!

Designers: Stephanie Lai, Dennis Liu & Eran Weinberg of Little Hippo

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At 3:43 AM


At 6:36 AM


At 8:15 PM


Set the desired sleep time and every night, MELLA will go to sleep with your kid. MELLA sleeps through the night so your kid knows to stay in bed.


Good things come to those who wait! Half an hour before the wake time, MELLA will display a playful expression and glow a yellow light. Teach your kid to play quietly and wait patiently until the light turns green!


Set the desired wake time and MELLA will greet your kid with a smile and glow green. It’s time to start the day!




Choose from five soft night light colors to keep the bedtime monsters at bay!


Choose from three relaxing sleep sound options to help your kid fall asleep quickly: rain, white noise and ocean.

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The Whiskey Whisperer


Cast your mind back two years to the release of the Whiskey Wedge by Corkcicle – every whiskey lover’s dream. The design of the Whiskey Wedge is as though the designer, Ryan Bricker, reached inside the mind of every whiskey drinker and stole their thoughts. The glass is a double old-fashioned size glass with a gorgeous shape comprised of freeze strength glass. How it works is very simple – you add water into the glass, insert the mold, then freeze. The ice forms an elegant wedge which compliments the glass in a unique manner and, similar to a glacier, melts slowly due to the reduced amount of surface area. Genius.

Well, we have good news for you, Ryan Bricker has designed yet another must-have glass with Corkcicle in the form of the Cigar Glass. This modified tumbler is wonderfully original and just oozes all sorts of cool. Similar to the Whiskey Wedge this double old-fashioned whiskey glass is handmade too, but it comes with an ergonomic built-in cigar rest – fitting so perfectly together, it will make you forget what it used to be like holding a cigar and a whiskey glass at the same time before the Cigar Glass. This glass is only the second addition that Ryan Bricker has designed with Corkcicle, and if we’re lucky, we may begin to see a lot more of these funky whiskey glasses to come.

What you may find interesting is Bricker isn’t your traditional Industrial Designer, in fact, he’s not an Industrial Designer at all. Bricker started out as an urban designer/architect and began experimenting with Industrial Design and consumer products ever since he set up his own company R | E | Bricker Studio 5 years ago – here you’ll find him use his combined 20 years’ experience, experimenting with various platforms from technology ideation and furniture design to small-scale art installations. As if Ryan wasn’t already juggling so much, he currently serves as the design director for HNTB too. An impressive resume for sure – with a lot more to come by the sound of things.

Designer: Ryan Bricker for Corkcicle












The Future Has Just Been Delivered


The future of postal delivery is here and now – a sentence I didn’t envision myself ever saying so proudly. Alas, you heard it here first folks, the future is here, and it’s in the form of the Deutsche Post – PostBOT. Designed to follow the postal deliverer, PostBOT handles a significant portion of the heavy lifting involved in transporting the cargo itself. This French designed bot is jammed full of sensors, helping the little guy navigate its way through the environment, whatever it may throw at it. That being said, the deliverer will also have access to the driving elements of this BOT, enabling them to switch between a manual and automatic mode whenever they please. Hard to miss, this delivery assistant is large enough to carry up to six letter trays and, due to the on-brand color scheme, the PostBOT will be catching eyes no matter how far or near it is.

Designers: Effidence & Deutsche Post





When Apple, Tesla, & SpaceX Make Power Banks

Every year, it seems as though the day-to-day hustle gets busier and busier, and we find ourselves searching for more hours in the day. With more hours, more energy is needed, and we’re not the only ones who find ourselves out of energy – our devices are running out of power more frequently than not. For that everyday hustle or even for those outdoor escapes, the saber power pack is perfect.

The saber is ‘lifeproof’ – drop this charger as much as you wish, the saber is ultra drop and shockproof, and water/dust-resistant. Laptops, tablets, phones, drones, cameras – you name it, the saber can charge it. With the ability to even charge a MacBook Pro (the one with a USB Type C port), the saber covers a lot of ground.

The saber is not an overcomplicated form, giving nuances to the heavy-duty appearance that Romeo Power are hoping to achieve here. The fact that this power bank was designed and engineered by former employees of SpaceX, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Tesla, there is no surprise that this little guy is jam-packed full of goodness. If this beautiful piece of tech achieves what they set out to do, this could be the best power back out there.

Designer: Romeo Power Technology










The Glorious Comeback of the Fanny Pack

UPDATE: less than 72 hours left, grab yours now!

I have a theory on why the fanny pack went out of style. No one really considered it as an effective piece of carrying equipment with the potential for a classic redesign. We got focused with wallets and backpacks and we forgot the one product that bridges them both. It provides the correct size jump from a wallet to a backpack, allowing you to carry probably the right amount of things, while also making sure you don’t get pick-pocketed.

We pretty much saw a decline in fanny packs around the same time we saw a spike in the redesign of messenger bags, and even wallets. Crowdfunding really gave makers a chance to go wild with materials like leather, canvas, Kevlar, Tyvek, etc., and in that furore, the fanny pack became the obsolete baggage for tourists and photographers. With Miljours that’s about to change.

Started by Marie-Anne Miljours, after she discovered her absolute love for vegetable tan leathers (they’re quite worth the adoration, I’d say), Miljours decided to make leather shine (literally and metaphorically) in her latest series of products. Absolutely uplifting the Fanny Pack with her keen sense of style and the finest leather to reinforce it, the Minimalist Leather Fanny Pack rekindles the fanny pack revolution. Its design celebrates sleekness but gives you enough volume to store items too. Designed with a muted style, the Fanny pack can be worn underneath clothes, owing to its sleekness, and over them too, to show off said muted style.

The Fanny Pack got lost on its way because of a lack of a redesign. It fills a very necessary gap between wallets and backpacks, allowing you to have a product that’s the perfect size for carrying business cards, phones, wallets, passports, and even mini-notebooks (we designers can’t live without them). Plus, they’re perfect for women, whose clothes never seem to have enough pockets. Available in two sizes, and with the ability to be worn around the waist, or around the shoulder like a messenger (facing front or back), the Minimalist Fanny Pack is almost like a modern-day holster for the modern day human, designed to carry specifically the right amount of essentials, and give your swag quotient a healthy boost!

Designer: Miljours Studio

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Lykke is the small fanny pack. Designed to fit your smartphone, cardholder, keychain and your lucky charm.




Below is the Hermann, the larger fanny pack. Designed to fit an Ipad, notebook, pens, cardholder and keys.




Click here to Buy Now: $140.00 $185.00