It’s like Instagram, But It’s Real Life

Printing images from your phone have just had their game stepped up with the latest release of the Fujifilm instax Share SP-3 SQ Printer. Select your best shots from your smartphone and get instax prints by just transferring the shots from the app to the SP-3 via a Wi-Fi connection. The instax Share boasts an impressively quick printing time of 13 seconds. Split one image into two, set up collages of up to 9 images-in-one or set up the Real Time Template which enables the user to take a photo with the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity then being indicated in the frame. The design of the SP-3 SQ is a gorgeous upgrade from the SP-2. The aesthetic of the new model is admirable and shows that Fujifilm is serious when it comes to hardware design. I’d like to see a new camera released by Fujifilm to match the same edgy look of the SP-3 SQ.

Designer: Fujifilm








The Pop Star of Popcorn Makers


Pop 360 is one rockin’ popcorn maker… literally! Designer Ketaki Kshirsagar discovered that adding a swivel feature eliminated the need for a fan to mix popped kernels. This allowed the resulting Pop 360 design to be near-seamless, more compact, easier to clean, quieter, and gave it a longer lifespan.

It consists of 3 main components that can nest after being disassembled to save space. The container rotates to keep shuffling the corn kernels for even popping and even seasoning, eliminating the hot air fan system. This makes it very easy to clean as there is no oil accumulation in the machine parts. The other 2 parts are the heater and the glass bowl.The vessel which heats the corn can be easily detached for washing. Once the popcorn is ready, simply turn the container upside down to transfer the popcorn to the glass bowl. Then, just twist the glass bowl to detach and enjoy the popcorn!

Designer: Ketaki Kshirsagar







Beeline makes you take a liking to biking!

Designed to simply get you from point A to B by allowing you to choose your own route, the Beeline is a rather elegant little GPS/Compass/Speedometer that puts most smart-bike apps and dashboards to shame. In a lot of ways, the Beeline does for the bicycle what the Nest did for the thermostat. It adopts a beautifully minimal circular interface, offering just the correct amount of functionality. It doesn’t distract, and it doesn’t overload itself with features. It does its job marvelously and is actually designed so that you pay less attention to it and more attention to your route.

At the heart of the Beeline is its e-Paper display (with a backlight for nighttime riding) that creates high contrasts that are easily visible in most lighting conditions. The e-Paper display doesn’t distract, and consumes a negligible amount of battery, giving the Beeline months of battery life. The UI is rather simple too. It connects to your phone and simply asks you where you want to go. Then using its inbuilt compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope, it points in the general direction of your destination, allowing you to choose your own path, rather than fixing a determined path for you. This gives you the freedom to cycle through walkways as well as roads, truly being able to experience the city/town on your own.

Available in a robust, damage-proof and waterproof silicone casing, the Beeline can be strapped to any bike handlebar, and can even be used as a keychain when you’re done with your ride… because you’re sure to get very possessive about this little beauty!

Designers: Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam.









This Third Wheel is a Big Deal

What makes the Tokyo Motor Show great? The fact it’s a motor show and not a car show. Without the excitable additions of two-wheelers, it just wouldn’t be the same. And nothing is more exciting than the Yamaha Niken Three-Wheeler. Describing the Niken Three-Wheeler as utterly unique doesn’t come close to describing the form we’re dealing with here. The front of this beast looks angry, almost demonic, while the saddle reaches back over the rear wheel like some sort of tail. Edgy, futuristic, and all forms of cool, the Niken Three-Wheeler will be one of the highlights from this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The body design makes full use of the novel front-end suspension mechanisms pairing 15- inch front wheels with dual-tube upside-down forks. The dual front-end suspension is indeed something new to see when mid-action, coming around a bend. With TMS just around the corner, we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to see this guy in full on November the 6th.

Designer: Yamaha











A Swiss-Army Mini-Kitchen!


Yeah sure, your Swiss-Army multi-tool has a knife, and a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. But does it have a spoon? Probably. A peeler? Seems less likely. What about a cheese grater? Garlic crusher? Zester? Carving Fork? Probably not.

Well, the Kitchen Multi Tool sure does. Built so that you can take your culinary talents with you outdoors, the Kitchen Multi Tool will allow you to make perfect, sophisticated meals no matter where you are. The size of any regular multi-tool, the Kitchen Multi Tool comes jam-packed with 12 very specific, very handy day-to-day kitchen tools that will bring a certain flair and flavor to all your camping food. Your surroundings may be rustic, but your meals don’t have to be… Right?

Designer: Gentlemen’s Hardware