Dads Just Got a Lot Cooler

Fashion trends change from season to season, it’s hard to keep up with what’s cool and what’s definitely not. I’m by no means a ‘fashionista’ but I can tell you that the Lalabu Dad Shirt will never be going out of style. The Lalabu began with Brian and Keri — the husband and wife team behind Lalabu. Inspired by a trip to Africa, the Lalabu was conceived while noticing how soothing the presence of body to body contact was for the baby. Everywhere they looked, the babies were happily on their mom’s backs. It was only when they returned to the US, they asked themselves the question – “If baby-wearing is so incredible for both parent and baby, why aren’t more parents around me doing it?”. They came to the realization it’s because ‘most feel intimidated by getting started’.

Lalabu released the Sooth Shirt – designed for moms – back in 2013. Due to it’s popularity it wasn’t long before the masses started looking for a dad version. The stylish slim-fit design gives the Dad Shirt a very approachable look, easy to integrate with any outfit. There is a pouch on the front of the shirt, with an underlying mesh panel which encourages bonding with the baby and allows for strong air flow. Along the fringe of the pouch, there is an adjustable head support and pouch extender which grows with your baby. The Lalabu Dad Shirt is simple, stylish and will certainly start popping up everywhere.

Designer: Brian & Keri Fosse of Lalabu








The Self-Inflating Umbrella


That whole Air Umbrella thing never really took off because the tech just isn’t quite there yet. But now there’s a new design utilizing air and it’s dominating the staying-dry game!

It’s called the Air Shield Umbrella and it’s an inflatable design without any wires or flimsy rods that will break in the wind. Instead, a pump built in to the handle that inflates the supporting structure of the canopy with the touch of a button! In seconds, you’ll be shielded from the elements. Better yet, it’s transparent so you can maintain visibility while underneath it. When you reach your destination (or it stops raining), simply press the button again to activate the pump and collapse the canopy!

Designer: Kevin Lee


Get an Earful of These

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the next generation Google Pixel smartphone and an array of interesting and never-before-seen gadgets and gizmos. It’s safe to say Google are clearly taking hardware seriously. Not only that, but it would appear Google are ready to begin taking on their rival giants Apple and Samsung. This appears to be most evidently clear with the surprising announcement of the Google Pixel Buds. Taking the world by storm, Google packed its Pixel Buds with the power to translate between 40 languages, literally in real- time.

Let me start off with some negatives about the the Google Pixel Buds before I delve into what makes them truly great. Unlike the Apple Airpods, the Buds lack auto-detecting when they’re in your ear (not the end of the world). They’re not truly wireless like the Airpods or the Bose SoundSport – the Buds are connected by a cable with an outer fabric material, which definitely adds a level of convenience the former products don’t have, it also helps the buds fit inside your ear better by pushing the cord through the Bud itself, creating a comfortable loop. The pixel buds boast a nice 5 hours of battery life and comes with a stylish carrying case that doesn’t resemble a packet of dental floss. The Buds are a more open-air design and sit against your ear, instead of the increasingly popular in-ear design. Above all, the Google Pixel Buds have bragged the largest feature exposed this year, in the form of the real-time language translation ability of this tiny guys. The idea is that you can tap and hold on the Pixel Buds, speak, and then the translated speech will come out of your Pixel phone’s speakers – wow. There is no telling what the future holds for Google Hardware but if this is any indication on what is to come, ladies and gentlemen get ready, for an exciting road ahead.

Designer: Google












Combine the Board, Catch the Wave


If you know anything about surfing, you’ll know that surf conditions can vary depending on your location, the time of year, the time of day, the weather, etc., etc – and considering there are specific board for specific conditions, this can play havoc when deciding what board to bring to the beach. This in turn can lead to bringing a few different boards to the beach.

From my experience of terrible surfing, I used to believe that surfing was a matter of just grabbing a board, hitting the beach and killing it on the waves, ‘brah’. Knowing the varied sizes and fins actually needed, that’s what makes the 2PRT surfboard by Thomas Meyerhoffer even more interesting.

Industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, a former Senior Designer at Apple, all round cool dude, now the Co-founder & Chief Design Officer of Latch, has designed something that will truly revolutionise the surfboard game. With the ability to split the board into two parts, the user now has the ability to pack a much smaller board and turn that same board from a shortboard to a longboard to a gun (not an actually gun, it’s a type of board combination) in a matter of moments.

Designer: Thomas Meyerhoffer



Time You Can Touch


We’ve all been stuck in a meeting, on an bad date or in a number of other situations where you’re itching to check the time but don’t want to be rude! With Time Tag Watch you can check discretely without anyone noticing!

The design features a felt face with a spinning center and outer ring. On each is a tag, similar to a clothing label, that falls in line with the hour and minute hands. To tell the hour and minute, simply graze a finger over the soft felt to feel the tag and determine the time!

Designer: Seohee Lee