The Wallet for Mind plus Matter

With almost a decade since its inception in 2009, Kickstarter is beginning to complete a full circle, and in turn letting campaigners take their small fledgling ventures and turn them into large companies and brands. Pebble, Oculus, Bragi, these are just some garage projects that turned into Silicon Valley success stories and household names in just a span of a few years. We’ve charted the success of Dango too, that has gone from making really admirable money clips and multi-tools to making some of the most desirable EDC (every day carry) known to man.

Dango’s tryst with EDC started off with the Loop Hook that went on to set the footprint for the Dapper and the Tactical Wallets, two wallets that embodied the alpha-spirit in the concrete jungle. Their latest invention builds on the idea, and adds the one crucial element to the EDC that converts it from a survival kit to a creation kit. The Dango P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet adds a specially designed pen to the wallet, along with a notepad to your everyday carry, making it a carrying case for commerce, contraptions, as well as creativity.

At the heart of the Pioneer Bifold Wallet still lies the MT02 multi-tool (available separately), which influenced a lot of the design details surrounding Dango’s past wallets. The Pioneer lives up to that standard and some more, with its signature silicone band holding the bifold Italian Leather wallet together. Within the wallet lies space for cards as well as banknotes. The wallet also integrates the pen into the wallet’s hinge, giving it its structure. The custom pen, machined from 6061 space-grade aluminum fits a Schmidt pressurized ink refill, and comes with silicone ring grips for a comfortable writing experience and slots on the back for a woven lanyard. The pen slides right into the wallet, complemented by a notebook that fits into the footprint of the wallet itself. Made with supple Italian Leather, the Pioneer features RFID Blocking, protecting your cards from being used unless you want them to. Paired with the MT02 multi-tool, Dango’s Pioneer becomes a supreme concoction of functionality, fashion, creative-fervor, and everything in between. It holds everything from your currency, tactical multi-tools, to your ideas… and looks absolutely stylish while doing all of it. What more could a man want!?

Designers: Thuan Tran & Charlie Carroll

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $79.00











Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $79.00

It’s Time to Get Lost

Suunto have been the world leaders of sports precision watches for quite some time now so it comes as no surprise that when they release something – its going to be awesome. The Traverse Alpha is no exception. The Suunto Traverse Alpha comprises of a serious set of outdoor features and tools specifically developed for everything outdoor – fishing, hunting, hiking and all things rough and rugged, not to mention the incredible battery life of up to 100 hours. But that’s not all, you can track your daily activity with steps and calories, and use the GPS timekeeping to keep a track of your trails. The Traverse Alpha also comes with smartphone integration, allowing you to stay up to date with incoming calls, texts and push notifications on your wrist.

The Traverse Alpha comes with barometric trend predictions for when the weather begins to change or when storm alarm alerts are sent out and it’s time to find some shelter. For when you find yourself in a cave or exploring the mysteries of the night, the Traverse Alpha’s backlight kicks in automatically to give you the best view to help you check the map. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is as rugged as they come – designed and tested in Finland, the Traverse Alpha is water resistant up to 100m and protected with a stainless steel bezel which comes in a knurled finished too, protecting the recessed screen.

Designer: Suunto










A Work-space Wonderland


With work life becoming more digitally accessible – the work space becomes even more and more portable. Having the ability to set up and work anywhere is becoming more and more popular with the increase of co-working spaces. According to Si Chen – the designer behind The New Normal – the problem with the majority of these spaces is that “they are often in a confined and isolated space that can feel stressful” and she envisioned this project to provide “soothing and energizing elements to make any work space more comfortable”.

The New Normal comprises of a removable backrest which has multiple functionality as – a blanket, a moveable recorder pillow and a foot ramp to accommodate leg movement. Chen’s goal behind The New Normal is to address the lack of play in the work place. The foot ramp can give people both foot rest and foot exercise. Regarding the ramp – there are two very important parts to the ramp; there is a foot rest made form memory foam for added comfort and then the wooden part is rigid for foot movement, rocking the foot rest side to side. What makes The New Normal very special is the recorder pillow – used for both arm resting and napping. There’s more to it than just that, the recorder pillow plays pre- recorded environmental sounds to help the user relax and decompress.

Designer: Si Chen





Dive into the Deep Unknown


Explore parts of the world that nobody has ever seen before – the new U-Boat Worx Cruise Series does just that. Providing multipurpose luxury submersibles, U-Boat have some of the most beautiful underwater vehicles I’ve ever set my eyes on. The Worx Cruise Series has a collection of of submersibles facilitating 5, 7, 9 or 11 people – with the ability to dive as deep as from 300 meters to 1,700 meters. What makes for a truly enjoyable experience is the ability to revolve the seating orientation, preventing missing even a second of the true wonders hiding underwater.

The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Yet according to NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, 95 percent of the seas remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes. There are some true wonders to be experienced regarding underwater exploration and at U-Boat Worx, it’s always been a design priority not to miss a single moment. This is evident with their unimpeded viewpoint – achieved by their remarkably clear, fully acrylic pressure hull which is positioned at the front of the submersible giving the passengers the best view possible.

The U-Boat Worx Cruise Series has it all – minimal maintenance, easy boarding, revolving seats, an effortless control system and a huge capacity. These submersibles are slick, if they had any set of rotary blades on the top, it could easily be misinterpreted as a flying vehicle. With the ability to re-dive again and again, delivering up to 80 people pay day for underwater trips, the Cruise Series is at the top of it’s game.

Designer: U-Boat Worx







Whirling Illumination


This modern design puts a spin on mood lighting, literally! Its on/off functionality is controlled with a spinning top that levitates above the magnetic base. When you give it a spin, the light located on the tip illuminates the liquid inside the transparent base. The resulting indirect glow has movement and a glow that will warm any workspace or room.

Designers: Kim jinseok, Park JungJun & Na Yongmin