Solar Eclipse in your Living Room!

The next total solar eclipse will be visible to central and north-eastern America in April 2024. Or it could appear in your living room every day with the Orrery Lamp. Designed to be an elegant representation of the choreography between the sun, moon, and our home planet, the earth, the Orrery Lamp is literally out of this world!

The lamp showcases the sun like never before in a beautiful warm glowing orb of hand-blown glass. Around it, suspended on a machined brass poles are wooden orbs, the size of the earth and the moon (with respect to the sun). The lamp itself comes with a dimmer switch, allowing you to set your mood, while the earth and moon can be placed anywhere around the orbit of the sun, creating either what would be the position of the cosmic bodies with respect to the time of the day, or even creating scenarios like solar and lunar eclipses (without having to wear those spectacles!)

Orrery’s sheer beauty lies in the fact that it doesn’t portray itself as a scientific lighting device/installation, but rather as the most elegant lamp in your home that takes inspiration from astronomical events. The sun itself comes in hand-blown glass, while the planets/satellites are lathe-spun out of walnut wood and then mounted on a machined brass fixture that’s available in a classic polished brass or a midnight blue finish. You’ll even find that the model of the earth is tilted at the 23.5° angle, lending not only accuracy to the lamp’s design, but also giving it a unique detail that breaks the flow of expectation of the design in an eye-catching way. Orrery comes in two sizes, a tabletop variant for adorning on coffee-tables, study-tables and mantelpieces, while the taller standing lamp variant proves to be perfect for study rooms, or even living rooms, acting as an installation and an interactive element while even being a rather wonderful conversations starter, because the Orrery lamp is the most captivating lamp you’ll ever own!

Designer: Bobby Genalo


Table Lamp $350
Floor Lamp $550




In Brass.


In Midnight Blue.


Hidden superpower

By glancing between a companion website and the lamp, users can manually adjust the Earth and Moon around the Sun to correspond perfectly with any moment now or in the near future.


Mobile Calibration


Desktop Calibration






Table Lamp $350
Floor Lamp $550

The Thirst is Real!


What do you know about water? How much should you consume? What does a lack of it cause? Considering that it makes up about 60% of our body, we should all know a lot more. More importantly, about 75% of us should be drinking more because proper hydration is necessary for our bodies to perform correctly.

Designed with this in mind, the Sixty Hydration Monitor offers several tiers of hydration level feedback. The device can be worn constantly, responding to fluctuating hydration levels in real-time and informing the user of incorrect behavior.

Of course, nobody wants to wear anything all the time, so Sixty can also be helpful when it’s not being worn. The device is attached to the strap via embedded magnets and can be detached to be left on a table-top or in a pocket, for example. In this standalone format the device will periodically prompt the user to check their hydration level by manually placing the device against the skin and tapping the surface.

Using the companion smartphone/smartwatch app, users can gain fluid intake advice and maintain awareness to potential symptoms as well as their unique hydration history.

Designers: Chris Pearce & Mark Teucher for Crux Product Design











Perfectly Proportioned Cups and Kettles


The latest from Tea Shop, the Warmup collection consists of a cup, saucer, kettle, and infuser designed with fine copper details that are as functional as they are cozy feeling. Specially crafted for tea drinking, the material mixture of copper and glass is optimal for quick heating and retaining temperature.

Structure lines based on the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence were used as a guidance for the product’s visual construction. This maximizes the collection’s perfect proportions without sacrificing comfortable ergonomics.

Designer: Paul Richard Mayer for Tea Shop





The chair that makes you live longer


Hugging for even 20 seconds a day can make you live longer, say the researchers at the University of North Carolina. It absolutely makes sense. Hugging releases chemicals (Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin) in the brain that make you feel happier, more valued, and help lower the heart rate and relieve stress and depression. It doesn’t even need to be interpersonal. Hugging animals has the same effect, and hugging inanimate objects does wonders for the brain too. Perhaps that’s why children hug their teddy bears, and adults hug pillows in their sleep.

Huggie Dougie, by Doug Fertig was designed with this very experience in mind. The chair comprises expandable pillows that inflate to surround you, giving you the feeling of being embraced. All you do is sit in the chair and activate the air pressure pumps, allowing the cushions around you to fill up with air. Once you’re comfortable with the ‘intensity’ of the embrace, you deactivate the pumps, allowing the cushions to deflate and you to be released from the hug! Ever thought a humble chair could help humanity battle stress, depression, and heart disease?!

Designer: Doug Fertig






Have your cake and divide it too

There are three things that can destroy friendships. Monopoly, the Draw Four card in Uno, and an unequal slice of cake, pie, or pizza. Now I don’t know about the first two, but there’s a rather nifty way of avoiding the third scenario. Klipy’s Cake Divider. This handy little gadget allows you to set the angle for cutting the cake/pie/pizza based on the number of slices you need. It comes with a base that fits right into the center of the food item you want to divide, and the two arms of the Klipy act as guides for the knife, allowing you to cut perfectly even slices for yourself and your friends… because no one likes a greedy hog!

Designer: Klipy Design