The Magic of Modularity


Modularity is a tricky task when it comes to interior lighting. It’s very hit or miss – not for Klaudia Żmuda, who designed and built the ModuLight – undoubtedly a stunning piece of art. “ModuLight move system” is a project of modular luminaires implemented in collaboration with Aquaform Lighting Solutions. What makes luminaires unique are their varied features – modularity without a doubt being its strongest feature, however this is not all, with their energy-saving LEDs, the ModuLight Move System invites the possibility of controlling the light source and the option to freely adjust the luminous flux applied in the frame mechanism by tilting the tile outwards.

The ModuLight changes the environment around it with a very simple bending of the light panel. This shapes the light beam and makes it easy to quickly change the interior design with the simple use of lighting and reflection. What puts the icing on the cake with ModuLight are the beautiful compositions that user can chose from – whether that is against the ceiling, suspended from the ceiling, or against a wall, not to mention the various orientations one can create with these modular light fixtures. The ModuLight is an exciting solution to interior lighting with a smartly creative execution.

Designers: Aquaform Lighting Solutions & Klaudia Żmuda








An Ode to the Pencil


Whether it’s for architecture, product design, literature or music, the pencil has been the flint to the fire of creation for ages. However, times are changing and fewer and fewer people are sketching and writing. Designed as an homage to the pencil, the B&O Loudspeaker takes on the familiar form of the tip in an artistic, functional way. Like an old school knife-cut pencil, its hexagonal shape narrows gently from top to bottom. Though not immediately obvious to most, designers with a knack for drawing will recognize and appreciate this familiar fragment.

Designer: Hojung Cha





Stay Safe, Stay Stylish


Smart home security is evolving every year to become more discrete and have a more integrated feel to the home environment. It’s not an easy task at hand considering the variations of style one has for their own personal surroundings. The Halo Home Collection is the first of it’s kind to compliment your personal space – they even blend in with existing ornaments and tabletop gadgets you’ve got lying around. The Halo Home Collection is comprised of two models – Halo Classic and Halo Vantage. Both models coming complete with gigantic battery lives, smart image detection, built in alarm with 2-way talk and full mobile connectivity.

The Halo Classic is more than just a smart camera, what makes this camera special are it’s features – a fully wireless experience and a battery life that lasts up to 6 months long, 6 MONTHS! The Classic is designed to look and feel like a premium product with it’s choice of sophisticated material choices and elegant forms, chosen to compliment the aesthetic of any living space.

The Halo Vantage is the only in-ceiling smart camera. Disrupting the smart camera market once again with the Vantage, Halo have taken a different perspective on the at home, smart camera. The smartest aspect of the Halo Vantage is the ability to simply “install Halo Vantage into an existing recessed light fixture to achieve a superior point of view with a discreet appearance.” The Halo Vantage is a wireless design once again, however it gets its power from the mains, through the existing light bulb fitting – as well as having a back-up battery with 14 days of power in it. This is truly a discrete form of monitoring your house and keeping the place safe.

Designers: Rob Chong & Brian Cox of HALO HOME











Quadralite A1


Designed for smartphones, the Quadralite A1 combines the functionality of a flash, LED lamp, and a wireless trigger. Promising to “transform your smartphone into a professional studio camera,” the Quadralite A1 acts as an independent, wirelessly triggered flash as well as a wireless trigger and controller for additional Quadralite lights (both flashes and LED lights). A companion app converts your smartphone into an impressive control centre allowing you to take the entire studio under your control.

Synology DiskStation DS418play


Synology today launched their DiskStation DS418play, a 4-bay NAS ideal for serving as a home multimedia center. Equipped with a dual-core 2GHz processor capable of bursting up to 2.5GHz, it comes with 2GB DDR3L memory by default, which is twice the size of its predecessor, and expands up to 6GB to enhance multi-tasking operations. Powered by a new hardware transcoding engine, DS418play supports up to two channels of H.265/H.264 4K video transcoding. “Mobiledevices supporting 4K video recording are becoming increasingly popular. However, since 4K video clips are capacity-consuming and not all TVs at home support 4K video playback, users tend to record videos with lower resolution as an alternative,” said Michael Wang, product manager at Synology Inc. “With DS418play supporting up to 40TB of raw capacity, users can store their favorite videos in ultra-high definition, organize and share videos with families and friends effortlessly, and transcode videos on-the-fly to allow video playback on devices that do not support 4K.”