Immersive Audio You Can Wear


Soundgear is wearable audio I can get behind. The around-the-neck construction, ergonomic shape, intuitive controls, and soft touch fabric provide hands-free, ears-free audio experience unlike any other. Unlike those nonsensical neckband-style headphones, it satisfies that sweet spot between headphones and a Bluetooth portable speaker.

Equipped with bass boosted quad transducers, it delivers an exciting sound experience that envelopes the user in their own sound zone without preventing awareness to other nearby sounds. Whether you’re working in the garden, exploring in VR or just watching a movie, you’ll be comfortably immersed in hi-def, surround sound.

Designer: Jinwon Yook








An Alluring Luring Apparatus

Meant not just for fish alone, the Mondo Fly Fishing Rod is designed to charm humans into approaching it too! These high performance rods were built to stand at the cross-roads between adventure and art by coming with superior build quality while also collaborating with artists to allow your gear to make a statement, much like a skateboard or a guitar would.

With a 4 piece rod made from carbon graphite (used in high-end badminton rackets too), a AAA Cork handle, and a machined aluminum reel, the fishing rod is engineered to feel comfortable and light but be just the correct weight to cast the perfect line. The rods come in bright metallic colors reminiscent of sports-car paint jobs and the reels are available in silver and black, while all eyes are on the limited artist edition reels featuring vivid graffiti-esque artwork by famed American artist Sket One. Mondo plans to collaborate with many more artists to release exclusive art-reels in the coming months.

Made to be the opposite of camouflage (glamouflage, if you will), the Mondo Fly Fishing reels bring a sporty avatar to an otherwise meditative activity. Designed with premium materials, featuring artwork by renowned artists, the Mondo kit comes with everything you’d need, from the rod and reel, to even the line and specially selected flies. Just like most crowdfunding campaigns that cut out brand-costs and middlemen, the Mondo connects directly with its backers to deliver quality fishing kits without the premium price tag. In fact they have a number of their fly-fishing kits ready with shipping beginning as soon as the project ends! With the Mondo Fly Fishing kits, those trophy fish will fall for you hook line and sinker, and with a kit this good looking, you won’t even have to “fish” for compliments!

Designers: Taylor Barlow & Levi Gephart

BUY NOW: $339.00 $499.00













BUY NOW: $339.00 $499.00

Shape-shifting Seating!

The Convert-a-bench is just a flip away from turning into a picnic table! Its design puts the backrest and armrests on a pivot point, allowing the backrest to come all the way forward and become a sturdy table for your food or books or even your laptop. You can also simply table-flip it back to being a bench again!

The Convert-a-bench is made from UV-protected vinyl, making sure it never weathers outdoors and lasting much longer than traditional furniture. The bench is perfectly suited for patios, lawns, porches, or even balconies, and its vinyl construction makes it easy to carry and set up anywhere. Once placed, you can alternate between bench and workbench with a simple flip of the backrest. What’s best is if you have two Convert-a-benches facing one another, they can be flipped together to become a nifty little picnic table!

Designer: Premiere Products









The hottest/coolest thermostat!

Hottest and coolest being used figuratively, of course. The GLAS by Microsoft and Johnson Controls redefines what home appliances must look like, along with what they’re capable of. Made to look as pretty as a picture, the GLAS features a translucent touch-screen display that delights the heart with the way it showcases your wall behind it. Pair that with Microsoft’s minimal UI running on the new Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core and you have a product that performs as great as it looks.

The GLAS comes with Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, allowing you to interact with it using your voice as well as through your other Microsoft products. It comes with sensors that know when you’re in the room and when you’re not, working seamlessly to adjust air temperature and quality too so that it provides the optimal experience while saving on energy… but with a thermostat so beautiful, I doubt I’d ever leave the room!

Designers: Microsoft & Johnson Controls.







The Table-loving Cable


How many times have you unplugged your phone’s charging cable, only to have it sliding off your desk and then onto the floor? It happens with me nearly every time… enough to become a serious annoyance.

Which is why the Base by Peel is just ideal (it rhymed, therefore it must be true). Handcrafted from walnut wood in New York and coated with Danish Oil to increase its longevity, these little geometric products act as coasters of sorts for your cables and wires. A magnet under the wooden surface allows it to grip onto lightning connectors, or USB jacks, so that the cable doesn’t slip away from your table. The wooden construction allows it to blend perfectly with your wooden table, or even stand out in contrast against a glass table. Plus it comes in 4 delightfully minimal geometric shapes based on your fancy. I personally love the pentagon… but what I love more is the fact that my cables won’t ever pull a fast one on me again!

Designer: Peel