Building Blocks that Unblock your Creativity!

There’s nothing more flexible and expansive than a child’s creativity. Over the years, education chisels away at it, making the thought process more “within the box”. If you think about it, most toys end up doing the same thing, encouraging kids to think in a linear way, helping them spark interest in a traditional profession (think about the Easy-Bake oven, or Hot Wheels), rather than expand their creative boundaries.

The Bokah was designed to do the latter. Think of it as 3D tools to let a child’s imagination run wild. Designed to be like Jenga meets Lego meets Meccano, the Bokah is as free spirited as the child itself, allowing kids to make whatever their hearts desire, while even allowing their creations to be robust yet flexible! Think of it as the evolution of traditional building blocks. While you can build pretty much anything with traditional blocks, they have their set of constraints… the Bokah eliminates those constraints, allowing you to make anything (rigid or flexible), no matter how abstract!

What makes Bokah so universal is its flexibility. What makes Bokah so flexible is the Bendy. The Bendy is an elastic component that ties two Bokah blocks together. Fitting into the blocks like a ball and socket joint, the Bendy allows the Bokah blocks to rotate, swivel, fold, and even fasten to each other at pretty much any angle rather than a direct fit. This further leads to one being able to make walking human figurines, or galloping horses, or even aliens, because who truly knows what kids are capable of, right?

The Bokah comes in an aptly named Explorer kit, for kids as well as adults. With 4 sized wooden Bokah blocks and a handful of Bendies to unite them, the blocks help kids not just make toys, but make toys that expand their understanding of physics and the boundaries of creation. It’s perfect for adults too, who want to go back to being their young, carefree, creative selves!

Designer: Vinh Phamdo

BUY NOW: $30.00 $42.00


When a Bendy connects two Bokahs, a special joint is created. These special joints bring your creations to life. Unlike traditional building blocks, Bokah’s interlocking joint mechanism lets you create rotating and moving parts.













BUY NOW: $30.00 $42.00

Put more than apps on your Apple Watch


The Apple Watch, a champion of digital and technological advancements, putting absolute informational power around your wrist.
The Leatherman, a unique, innovative band that combines 29 different tools into a wearable, putting sheer technical power around your wrist.
Combine them, and you won’t find a more iconic duo!

This undeniably perfect fusion is achieved by the Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter by BestTechTools, which allows you to combine your existing Apple Watch with your Leatherman Tread band. Available in two lug types for the two watch sizes, the adapter kit comes with a pair of Leatherman Tread watch adapters, two pairs of watch spring bars or Apple Watch adapters, and a spring bar removal tool, giving you the freedom to switch between the Tread and your original Apple Watch strap… although why would you settle for anything less bad-ass than the ultimate combination of hardware and software?

If you don’t own a Leatherman Tread bracelet, you can pick one up here.

Designer: BestTechTool







A right-minded right-angled handrail


Simple in its design and description, the Right Angle Stair Handrail proposes a handrail that mirrors the stair’s contours. Probably not the ideal handrail to slide down from, the Right Angle Stair Handrail makes itself easier for people who actually use and need it for support.

For the elderly, the vertical elements of the handrail provide a suitable area for gripping as well as pulling themselves up. The horizontal elements provide relief for people carrying items up and down, giving them a flat space to rest the heavy objects they’re carrying which would normally roll away from them on the regular inclined handrails. The handrail’s stair-esque shape allows pregnant women to gauge the starting/ending of a step by following the handrail design, helping them overcome the dangers of missing steps that they otherwise can’t see. The handrail’s design even pays attention to the small details, like rounding off the edges of the handrail, so that they don’t hurt anyone.

Designers: Yansheng Xia, Junting Liu, Jiaxiao Feng & Zan Su.





An Office That’s Like Living Inside a Smartphone!


Droids on Roids is a team of programmers, so making their new office seem familiar made perfect sense to the designers at Mode:lina. Navigating the space is a lot like navigating the home screen on your phone! Icons placed on the black stripe that runs along the walls (that serves as a sort of status bar) as well as the doors serve as a visual code which allows employees and guests to identify the function of each space. Apart from looping in elements typical for mobile apps, the interior was also given yellow features, which together with lamps in a shape of a zig-zag located all across the office, correspond with the Droids On Roids lighting logo.

Because the team of programmers and other staff spend much more time together than just working, the new office is packed with places to eat, play and chill! The office’s corridors also feature islands with armchairs and special soundproof booths for moments when private time is necessary. There is even a nap room in a secluded area with a big yellow hammock and comfortable beds!

Designer: Mode:lina











Make cheese ‘grate’ again

My question to you is… if you knew your grating cheese could be this easy, fast, and fun, would you ever readily grate cheese any other way?

The Zyliss rotary cheese grater is fun, fast, and won’t end up grating your fingertips or knuckles. As hand-held as any regular grater, it comes with a rotating wheel/drum and handle that grates cheese in a continuous rotating motion (instead of the to-fro motion of regular graters), grating cheese twice or even thrice as fast. The wheel can be flipped for left-handed or right-handed use, and comes in two sizes, for hard and soft cheeses. Plus, the wheels can be removed for easy cleaning too. Although the grater was designed specifically for grating cheese, it’s known to work with chocolate too! *drool*

Designer: Zyliss