The Dummy-proof Drill

If you don’t regularly use a drill, the look alone can be enough to intimidate you! Designed with this in mind, Yu-Chung Chang’s Electrolux Drill concept is a more approachable twist on the tool.

The beginner-friendly design features enhanced ergonomics and tactile finish that gives the user greater grip and stability. A retracting guide at the nose of the drill helps users determine the depth of their drilling and provides an additional layer of stability for shaky hands. Additionally, the trigger lock section doubles as a dustpan for easy collection and cleanup of debris!

Designer: Yu-Chung Chang









Adding joy(stick) to all your games!


You really gotta love 8Bitdo for clutching onto and reviving our golden, glorious gaming history. I would spend hours at the arcade, even sometimes stealing money from home only to cash it in for a chance to play everything from Pac-Man and Asteroid to Metal Slug and Tekken. Through all of that, there’s only one thing that remained a key binding agent between all those experiences… it was the arcade controllers. The Joystick, and the Arcade buttons were designed to do two things; be effective with low latency, and be effective under incredibly rough usage, because those high scores don’t come easy!

With 8Bitdo’s NES30 Arcade Stick, that very controller which pretty much initiated our generation into games gets its application in almost every game we can play today. Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, MacOS, and even Steam, the NES30 Arcade Stick is a wireless controller that brings retro-controls to new-age games. Ultra compatable, and even mod-able/customizeable, one can set up the arcade stick with most devices and games. The controller comes with a classic joystick and Japanese Sanwa buttons, the most widely used arcade buttons of the 80s and 90s. It supports Bluetooth and has an impressive play-time of 18 hours, because once you get your hands on these guys, you’re not going to want to let go!

The NES30 Arcade Stick is available for pre-order and releases on the 20th of August, so hurry!

Designer: 8Bitdo








Pressing mute on the world


If you’re fine with the idea of looking somewhat like a bobble-head, the Helmfon can do pretty miraculous things for you! Made out of fiberglass and polyethelene foam, the helmet when worn cuts out all outside disturbance, giving you your quiet zen, even in a buzzing workplace (Wall Street, take note). The shape of the Helmfon helps reflect away noise from around you, and its lightweight design means it can be worn easily, or even be suspended or wall-mounted.

A portmanteau of the words Helmet and Phone, the Helmfon isn’t just a noise cancelling device, it’s also an elaborate pair of headphones. Equipped with a system board, microphone, speakers, accumulator, magnifier and space on the inside for a smartphone, the Helmfon enables wearers to watch videos, organize Skype conferences and even make calls from within the helmet. Like I said earlier… Wall Street, take note!

Designer: Hochu Rayu







The toaster that teaches you DIY


The lack of product styling may be apparent, but it’s actually for a reason. This toaster was designed without planned obsolescence in mind. While most products are designed to have a birth and a death and then eventually be discarded for a newer model, the Repairable Flatpack Toaster isn’t… and it encourages users to build their own toaster and then maintain/fix it, effectively extending its lifespan infinitely.

Toasters, like most appliances, are designed to make sure that only expert technicians can take them apart (smartphones and laptops follow this trend too). However, the Repairable Flatpack Toaster is designed in a manner that it encourages its user to tinker around and be able to replace components easily. In fact, it comes flat-packed, and the user has to assemble the product from scratch.

When users build products from scratch, they form a bond with the product, not wanting to discard something they put effort into (IKEA relies on this emotional connect to translate into customer satisfaction). The Flatpack Toaster is designed with the same principle in mind. After all, if you can put a product together, you can pull it apart and fix it too, right? And you’ll want to… because you’re attached to something you built from scratch.

Designer: Kasey Hou







The Thirst Quenching Tent


This might just look like your average tent (in fact, its triangular shape is pretty old-school!) but it’s also a clever water collection tool. The tent fabric features built-in grooves that funnel rain water or dew into a reservoir with a convenient tap. The water can then be used for a variety of purposes from cleaning and cooking to filtering for consumption. With the Water-Collecting Tent, campers can rest assure they’ll never be without at a least a little H2O!

Designer: Changxin You