Who doesn’t want an extra 200GB!

Let’s face it. That card reader hasn’t been used once in the past half-decade. Unless you’re a camera user (we’ve got USB cables for that too), that card reader slot on your MacBook has just served as decoration, when it could just as easily add as much as 200Gb of permanent storage to your system!

Nifty’s Minidrive is a card-adapter that sits flush inside your MacBook. You can put any MicroSD card in with storage going up to 200Gb, giving your machine a hardcore data (or even RAM) boost. It can easily be added or removed based on your requirement (although it’s best to put it in and forget about it), and its sheer beauty is in the fact that unlike those ugly pen-drives that cantilever out of your USB ports, always coming in the way, and going loose and wobbly over time, the Minidrive sits flush withing the card reader, almost becoming unnoticeable to the eye. Based on your MacBook, you can buy a MiniDrive custom made for your Pro, Air, or 13″ and 15″ Retina variants. Remember though, you do have to have your own MicroSD Card!

Designer: Nifty









Hi Phone, Bye Bezel.


It’s 2017, which means we’ve come ten years into the iPhone hysteria with phones that have undoubtedly changed our world as we know it. Along with these phones came dreams, expectations, and as a result of them, concepts. We’ve seen everything from clear iPhone renders, to curved smartphone images. Today’s concept is no less. As we celebrate the iPhone’s tenth birthday, here’s a look at the iPhone 8 concept by Emad Rahimi. Even though leaks have shown us what the upcoming iPhone will look like, Emad’s design gives the iPhone 8 a bezel-less design highly reminiscent of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix phone (designed by the one and only Philippe Starck). The design retains the home button, however, even though rumors are that TouchID is all set to get integrated into the smartphone’s screen (Vivo’s smartphones just managed to pull off this engineering marvel). Although the design looks a little premature (in the designer’s defense, most iPhones look like beveled slabs), it gives us a taste of what the highly anticipated iOS 11 will look like on a device. Plus, is that a front facing camera on the bottom right corner? Hmmm…

Designer: Emad Rahimi



The future of car-charging is freaky!


Embodying Tesla’s unabashedly fearless attitude towards tech, Serbian designer Darko Markovic decided to combine the three things that the car company isn’t afraid of exploring. A. Drones, B. Autonomous Charging (remember that snake arm?), and C. Presenting futuristic technology in a way that impresses some, but scares others!

What you see below is a drone. A drone that is capable of charging vehicles. Instead of having vehicles dock/park at charging stations for hours, increasing commute times, Darko’s Recharge Drone concept has Charging terminals with drones within them. When a car low on charge triggers a request, the drone flies out and autonomously docks on the moving car (like a massive hornet) and plugs itself into the car’s charging port, allowing the car to charge while moving. The car drives off with the drone, that then autonomously unplugs itself after juicing up the car and promptly flies back to the charging station where it came from. Freaky? Abso-goddamn-lutely! But unendingly impressive too.

Darko takes the concept a step further, designing it in the style of popular game series Overwatch (known for their exaggerated forms and conceptual weapons)… a game that Elon Musk himself claims to be a big fan of. Let’s hope Mr. Musk sees this!

Designer: Darko Markovic








The Cherry on Top of this Sweet Polizia Car!


The Italian police officers’ job just got a lot cooler now that they’re going to be driving around in 505 HP Alfa Romeo Giulias! Designed exclusively for the carabinieri’s new rides, the Space Light not only enhances the cars aesthetic with an aggressive look that’ll have criminals shaking in their boots.

Unlike clunky police light fixtures of the past, it’s not some giant eyesore bolted on a rack! Instead, this bespoke system fits like a crown and is seamlessly integrated into the roof of the vehicle and follows the existing lines and curves.

Functionally, it’s equipped with 4 LED lights for 360 degree visibility, a solid cruise light, a front searchlight for precision beaming, as well as an LED backlight screen for directing traffic or alerting to crashes and other emergencies… all of which are controlled by conveniently-placed paddles behind the steering wheel!

Designer: Mattia Marvardi









Four-eyed Phone

I’m loving how the Puzlook’s phone case borrows an idea from one of the most beautifully relatable puzzles we’ve all played with as kids, and transforms something playful into something useful. Taking cues from sliding puzzles, Puzlook’s case puts three interchangeable camera lenses in your phone’s cover, allowing you to easily and accurately swap between lenses, to instantly upgrade your photography chops!

The lenses stay attached to your phone case, which means you don’t need to A. spend time looking for them, and B. spend more time adjusting them to precisely rest over the camera lens of your phone. The case’s design takes care of lens positioning by allowing them to snap exactly into the precise position, giving you an incredible range of photo styles to choose from! While most camera lenses come as separate attachments, Puzlook’s case puts three (wide-angle, fish-eye, and a telephoto) lenses in a puzzle-inspired interchangeable format, allowing you to cycle through different lenses and choose which one you want to use, or not use the lenses and rely on the phone’s camera itself.

The Puzlook is a winner of the K-Design Award, for being functional, convenient, and ingeniously unique!

Designers: Jimmy Song, Sooljin Sim & Heejin Lee.