If you’re running, put a ring on it!

Not my best Beyoncé pun, but I digress. The Runbell, as direct as its name is, is a quaint little finger-worn bell for runners. Using a spring mounted ringer and a bell small enough to slip on your fingers, but powerful enough to send a signal up to 10-12 feet, to notify people you’re coming through.

Definitely for people tired of breaking their jog to cut through crowds, or for people who are exhausted of constantly having to shout to get slow-walkers to move, the Runbell sounds silly at first, but proves to be quite useful… allowing runners to avoid collisions with people around corners, or pedestrians buried in their phones! Made to fit around two fingers so the bell stays in place, the Runbell comes cast in brass, making it much more sonorous and resonating than steel or aluminum bells.

Don’t yell… just ring the bell!

Designer: Kevin John Nadolny







A Little Thing with a Lotta Light!


We’ve seen plenty of lanterns that transform into flashlights and vice versa, but never before has one been so compact. The LUMI light is a pint sized version that fits perfectly in your pocket! It’s as easy to use as it is simplistic in form. Like you would with a pen, simply give it a click for a focused beam of light… give it another and a diffused light will pop up for an areawide glow!

Designers: Mark Millhollon & Flavours Design







Literally catch them ‘red’ handed

More than 300 incidents of bag-snatching are reported in just the capital city of Malaysia per month. That number is truly alarming. Aside from loss of property, women are often launched off their feet when their bag is pulled by a motorist, sometimes resulting in grave injuries, sometimes in death.

Malaysian women’s sportswear brand Ash Be Nimble, seeing the opportunity, designed a device that can be triggered to explode and douse the offender in ink, making them easy to spot by law enforcement. Called the Handbag Dyetonator, the small accessory attaches itself to the strap of the bag. When snatched, the owner can trigger it remotely via SMS (using a unique code from any phone), causing it to spew smoke like an SOS flare, while also covering the thief in a colored ink. What’s more, the bag comes with a GPS tracker that allows you to stay aware of its whereabouts. Just follow the GPS and look for the culprit covered in ink-stains!

The Handbag Dyetonator isn’t for sale just yet, but the website is accepting registrations for women willing to participate as beta-testers for its trial edition.

Designer: Ash Be Nimble & Ogilvy





It’s a plane! No it’s a zero emissions mothership!

Airplanes are mainstream. Motherships however, aren’t! This Hyper Shape Plane, as the designer calls it, has a blended wing body design, coupled with solar panels on top that supply power to the plane. I call it a mothership for this exact reason since the plane doesn’t really have wings because the plane itself IS the wing! Armed with stabilizers on the rear and the top to push its performance, the HSP (hyper shape plane) is designed to work towards being a zero emissions plane. Aside from the quantum solar dots on the upper surface of the plane, it harnesses wind power using two double-helix wind turbines, and is also equipped with 2 large hydrogen batteries that supply power to the massive aircraft.

While being used primarily for transporting humans and cargo, the plane is even designed to do its bit for the environment. Located right above the cockpit are two massive ducts that allow for air passage. The air is made to pass through an ionized membrane that captures CO2, removing it from the air and storing it in liquid form to be recycled or disposed of when back on land. That’s a rather ‘high-flying’ conceptual aircraft now, isn’t it??

Designer: Oscar Viñals












A retro lowriding lawnmower!


I can’t take my eyes off how amazingly antiquated this lawnmower looks! This personal DIY project by a mysteryman named Jeep2003 on the internet pulled off this lawnmower revamp, giving it a beautiful retro finish, complete with a chrome trim, bullet taillights, and what I can’t get enough of, a miniature Army Man figurine painted silver to look like what I imagine is the Spirit of Ecstacy remixed! Plus would you look at that mini fuel tank on the back!?

I wonder if it sounds like a vintage automobile too!

Designer: Jeep2003 (Read more here)