Future F1 Driver Defense


The FIA governing body’s recent decision to prioritize the “Shield” design to replace the current Halo in 2018 has left everyone wondering how this new driver protection system might look and function. Designer Olcay Tuncay Karabulut’s proposal gives us a glimpse into the future, highlighting what we might expect from the Shield.

Designed around the guidelines, it features a shallower angle than on the previously failed Aeroscreen. Rather than the Shield being an attachment around the edge of the cockpit like the Halo and Aeroscreen, the solution is more integral to the nose section of the car. This means greater aerodynamics than the previously trialled designs, but the question remains as to whether it will protect drivers as well as the Halo.

Designer: Olcay Tuncay Karabulut







A wolf in Ferrari’s clothing


The only thing Ferrari about this concept car is the logo on the front and back!

Not many designers exercise the right to say “Hey, let’s just completely forget what we know about a company’s visual language and make an entirely new one from scratch”. Designer Ivan Venkov decided to reimagine Ferrari as a completely new company, fully putting Ferrari’s and Pininfarina’s 60 year design language aside to develop something more aggressive and edgy. The result is something that looks like it could make a Lamborghini or a Pagani run for its money!

The concept car even does away with Ferrari’s love for red as a car body color… however if you notice, the rims are in fact rose gold, with the Ferrari insignia on them!

Designer Ivan Venkov








French Fries made Functional!

You may think that Starbucks is doing great things with food and innovation but no company is as innovative as McDonald’s when it comes to uplifting your dining experience. Remember earlier this year when they debuted a newly designed, aerospace engineered straw that would allow you to drink both upper and lower parts of a two flavor milkshake at the same time? Well, the same company hopes to keep your hands clean while you munch on their Signature Crafted™ burgers with a rather fun-yet-unnecessary-yet-incredible product.

A messy burger is a good burger. But what when your toppings begin spilling out the sides onto your plate? You get your hands dirty trying to pick them up and eat them before the 5-second rule kicks in. Not anymore, say the guys at McDonald’s, as they debuted the Frork! Part-french fry, part fork, this rather hilarious attachment uses pieces of french-fries as fork prongs, allowing you to pick at salad portions, or scoop up fallen toppings and munch on them like an absolute boss. The perk? You get to eat fries with everything!

Designer: McDonald’s






Attachment Apartments!


What if your furniture wasn’t modular, but rather your apartment was? Inspired by the Nagakin Capsule Tower from the 1970s, the Pod Skyscraper is basically a massive metal framework with a robotic crane on top that picks up modular house-cubes and slides them into designated spots withing the skyscraper. The Pods are the interesting bit. Pods can be designed for any use, be it apartments, office space, a gym – the options are endless, and residents/owners would be able to buy bigger slots in the tower to create larger and more complex living-pods.

It’s like a massive game of Tetris, designed to solve housing/construction problems, allowing people to customize probably the most un-customizable part of their life so far. Instead of shifting out of a smaller apartment to find a bigger apartment, you simply expand your own by plugging in extra modules! Buildings don’t get demolished, rather individual pods get pulled out, maintained, and stored for usage again.

Designer: Haseef Rafiei





Behold the Lightbulb of the 21st Century!

It may take some patience and skill to change a lightbulb, but it takes just one brainwave to change the way we perceive lightbulbs. The LightCube redefines the lightbulb in a way that makes it easier to use, easier to switch, and energy efficient enough to be the future of lighting.

Rather than maintaining that lightbulbs should be designed to fit into fixtures, the LightCube actually comes with a plug at its end. This effectively makes every plug-point in your home a potential fixture for your light, allowing you to customize where you place lights along your house, rather than relying on the house’s inbuilt wiring plan. The LightCube can be said to be different from the traditional bulb in almost every way. Aside from the plug fixture, variants of the LightCube even come with batteries allowing you to unplug the light and carry it around with you while it’s switched on, and cables, giving you the freedom to extend the reach of your LightCube, rather than being limited to plug-points. The LightCube also has a visually disruptive yet iconic switch detail right on the front that doubles down as a gesture control sensor. You can manually operate the Light via the switch, or wave your hands across the sensor, having it switch on and off. Hand-gestures even allow you to activate the dimmer on the light, giving you more control over your light than you can dream of with your current light setup! On the inside, the LightCube is completely LED based, providing energy-efficient light in both warm and cool colors.

Instead of being just a standalone bulb, the designers behind the LightCube also envisioned an ecosystem of products to kickstart the LightCube Revolution. The first in the series is the adaptive lamp design, titled the LightShade, that not only serves as a table-lamp, but even extends to become a floor lamp, providing jot just diffused, but even focused lighting that can be adjusted without the need of hinges or moving parts, but just by the virtue of clever design. A look at the video above even shows how efficient the LightShade and the LightCube are in adapting to all situations, even becoming an emergency light that can be popped from its holder and used to scrummage for something important that may have fallen behind your table, or under the bed. The Gesture control system also proves to be greatly useful, allowing to double up as a motion detection light, so you don’t have to worry about finding the switch in the dark!

Miles ahead of the incandescent bulb, the fluorescent bulb, and some may even say the LED Smartbulbs in the market today, the LightCube is what you get when good problem-solving meets crowdfunding to challenge age-old norms. To be precise, a light that is flexible, functional, efficient, reliable, and reasonable!

Designer: allocacoc

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Comes in Cold White or Warm White.