Audi Goes Elec-trike!


If Formula One refers to motor powered vehicles, what type of power do you think Formula Zero might refer to?! The answer is… YOU! The power-assisted Audi Formula Zero trike is perfect for zipping between short distances.

Channeling an uber-minimalist Audi aesthetic, the stripped-down design features a modular structure for easy assembly and maintenance. Its framework consists of aluminum, plastic and composite materials, making it incredibly lightweight yet durable. Safely enclosed within the panoramic glass cockpit, drivers can pedal away while protected from the elements. The unusual trike configuration features a two wheel arrangement in the front and a single wheel at the rear, making it essentially a trike, but giving the driver the feeling of driving a 4-wheeled automobile. Solar panels supplement rechargeable plug-in power so you’re always ready to go so long as the sun is shining!

Designer: Pavel Babienko




An Architectural Answer to Road Ecology


However necessary they are for modern transportation, highways have a huge negative impact on the ecosystems and wildlife in areas where they’re built. Designed for every major intersection, the Green Circle architectural concept aims to vertically restore space otherwise lost to highways.

The twisting structure serves as both an elevated garden and sanctuary for animals like birds which can safely nest without disruption. Each Green Circle is designed to capture usable rainwater and harness solar energy to power an integrated pump system. Not to forget, instant iconic landmark status!

Designer: Xian-Rong Lin



Sound-Synchronized Swimming


Rhythm plays a very crucial role in athletics. The rhythm of the heart almost becomes the rhythm at which joggers jog, cyclists and swimmers synchronize things with their breathing patterns.

The Nike+ swimming goggles concept don’t just boost your performance by keeping the chlorine out of your eyes and giving you underwater vision. These goggles have within them headsets, that allow one to play music while swimming. Since the giggles/earphones are used underwater, they come with minimal controls and a water-proof design. A 2 directional pressure pad helps wearers skip forwards, backwards and play/pause tracks, while simple buttons allow volume toggling. Since most swimmers swim with earbuds to prevent water from entering their ear-canal, the Nike+ relies on bone-conducting technology to relay audio through the wearer’s skull directly to the inner-ear. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Plus, who wouldn’t fall in love with these?! The cobalt/cerulean color combo looks drop-dead cool!

Designer: Aurélien Gravelotte







The ‘Swish and Flick’ Chair


Folding chairs are usually a design exercise in functionality. Making sure your chair folds into something nice and slim, and opens out into a good, comfortable, fully functional chair. You’ll seldom find a single folding chair that is designed to look elegant in both it’s folded and unfolded avatars.

Ollie’s the kind of foldable chair that you’d display grandly in your home, whether kept open, or closed. Its design is nothing like any foldable chair you’ve seen before, and truly so, since it comes from a design company known for their amazing kinetic sculptures! Made by RockPaperRobot (a truly inspiring woman-led company based out of Brooklyn), the Ollie takes inspiration from its surroundings. The chair has a unique folding design that makes it only 2 inches thin when folded, and looks like an innocuous piece of art. When opened out, it becomes a rather sturdy chair with built-in lumbar support, making it not just beautiful, but incredibly comfortable too. The chair’s construction uses Aluminum sheets and a beautiful looking flexible wooden tambour made out of Teak wood, making it great for both outdoors as well as indoors.

Ollie’s magic is in the way it gracefully opens and closes. With a movement that seems almost like a magic trick, the chair opens out wonderfully and one simple string on the back can be pulled to close the chair back into its sheet avatar. In both closed as well as open formats, Ollie looks nothing short of a work of art. In fact, the tambour surface makes a great canvas for any artistic work, so you have yourself a chair when you need one, and a custom painting to proudly display when you’re done (instead of most flexible chairs that get stored in your closet).

The Ollie is perfect for both homes as well as outdoors. Its wooden/metal aesthetic makes it go well with almost any decor, and trust me, you’ll be impressing your guests for a long time with its hypnotic folding/unfolding technique! A complete marvel of design and manufacturing… Or should we say ‘woman’ufacturing!

Designers: Jessica Banks & Pete Schlebecker

BUY IT HERE: $300.00 $450.00















Tricky Treatment for Tots


MEDevice is the latest trick up parents’ sleeves for getting kids to take their medicine! This clever design masks a medicine-filled syringe in a baby spoon so dosing can occur at the same time as little ones eat.

Simply load up the syringe with the medicine and place it in the tube. Then, load up the spoon with a bite of food and when the child opens wide to eat, medicine can be released. It’s a little tricky, sure, but it makes the process less scary for kids and easier for parents!

Designer: Donaldo Preciado