Dubleup Credit Card Size Power Bank – is this just a knock off?

Ever been browsing the interwebs, seeing what’s new out there and been hit with a product that looks oddly familiar? Maybe a bit, too familiar? That just happened over here when we spied the Dubleup Credit Card Size Power Bank and were stunned at how much it closely resembles the Dodocool product.

We reviewed an earlier version of this tiny powerbank from Dodocool […]

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O1 Dimensioning Instrument – capture measurements in a whole new way

The O1 Dimensioning Instrument looks like a pen and it IS but it’s also precision smart measuring tool that will help you get the right measurements the first time around. Also, it’s small enough to carry in your pocket or bag which is also nice.

This pen allows you to measure just about anything and then automatically captures those measurements and […]

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Electrolux’s Quirky Cooker


Name a few wall mounted kitchen appliances. There aren’t that many! In that regard, the Electrolux Cell Cooker really revisits design standards for kitchen appliances. Not only is it wall-mounted, it has an amoebic shape and a rather unusual approach to cooking. Within the Cell Cooker, there are multiple compartments that allow you to prepare food based on days of your week. Each compartment is a miniature sous vide machine that uses boiling water to prepare food in a way that isn’t just tasty, but is incredibly healthy too! Not only is it cell-shaped, it also cooks your food in separate compartments or cells! Clever, isn’t it??

Designer: Adam Miklosi