Make Life Plantastic!


For us urban dwellers, a little indoor greenery can go a long way to make us happier and increase our sense of well-being The Citysens indoor gardening system makes it possible to enjoy more of your favorite plants with less hassle! Perfect for small spaces, this vertical garden takes up only a tiny footprint in small apartments and other compact urban dwellings. From orchids to aromatic herbs, users can enjoy a variety of plants and ensure they stay alive with Citysens’ smart self-watering system. Water plants or even check soil stats from the convenience of your smartphone!

What’s most beautiful, is the attention to detail with the Citysens. Even the switch at the base of the product is green and designed to look like a tiny sapling emerging from the floor!

Designer: LUCID









‘It’s For the Fans’ Isn’t a Defense, Iron Fist’s Finn Jones, It’s an Insult

Over the past couple of years, there’s a phrase that’s accompanied several poorly reviewed comic book films or TV shows: “It’s not for the critics, it’s for the fans.” Iron Fist’s Finn Jones is the latest star to use this as a defense of his Marvel show. This group of words has become a crutch to deflect attention…

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