A Drone in your Phone!

The selfie stick is dead, may it rest in peace (or in pieces)… And here’s what killed it. A high flying drone-photographer that literally comes at a fraction of the size of the selfie stick. And guess what, it fits right in your pocket!

Selfly’s drone is roughly the size and thickness of your phone. When it folds up, it snaps right onto the back of your regular smartphone, integrating with your mobile phone in such a way, you won’t even know you have the world’s smallest personal flying camera in your pocket with you!

Measuring at just 9mm thick and weighing not more than 70gms (half the weight of your iPhone), the drone comes with an ingenious mechanism that allows its rotors to fold inwards and then snap to the Selfly mobile case. Along with the drone, your phone is still slim enough to fit into your pocket with perfect ease. The drone is a marvel of great design and exceptional engineering. It houses an 8mp camera that records at 1080p (30fps), while relaying the video feed directly to your phone so your mobile screen becomes a viewfinder. The drone’s camera can swivel 30 degrees (for better scene composition) and is capable of face recognition too. You can either choose to control the drone manually via your smartphone, or just intuitively zoom in/out or pan the picture to set the perfect shot and the drone will do the math to make sure you get the desired angle. Needless to say, that’s nothing short of ground-breaking! Selfly’s drone records HD Raw data onto its own memory but for a speedy user experience, broadcasts low-res data to your phone. After you click the picture or record the video, it processes the Hi-Res footage and sends it over to your mobile.

Not only are the Selfly’s capabilities impressive, the fact that it takes on a universal approach makes its good design highly accessible. Selfly makes dedicated cases for most mobile phones, but it also comes with a universal flip cover that will fit any 4-6 inch phone. The camera drone integrates with any and every of Selfly’s cases. Even on the software front, Selfly works well with iOS as well as Android devices, effectively covering more than 98% of the smartphone market!

Selfie sticks are too tacky, tripods are way too bulky, and action cameras are much too expensive. At literally a quarter the price of a GoPro, the Selfly packs more action into it than any action camera! With the Selfly, you won’t just get great hands-free pictures, you can now virtually harness camera angles like aerial shots that are comparable to Hollywood movies! And all this power folds up and fits right into your pocket!

Designer: Yoav Amir

BUY IT HERE: $99.00 $139.00












The Less-is-More Mobile Phone


I know I’m not the only one who feels like they can’t keep up with my smartphone’s fancy features! Remember the good ol’ days when your phone was just a phone?! From the lead designer of the Nokia 1200 comes another phone that looks back to basics… well, sorta.

This stripped-down, phone may look as minimalist as its candybar-style predecessors, but it actually looks to artificial intelligence to manage tasks. As you would with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, you can speak directly to the device for almost any interaction. Its compact screen is just big enough to display any required information. Now, if only it had that snake game!

Designer: Xiaoxi Shi / 2-LA Design





Worry-free Rice!


There are two types of home cooks – ones who love speciality kitchen appliances… and then there are others who microwave everything! Only kidding… but seriously, foolproof devices like the rice cooker are a must-have for any serious home chef. This one puts an artistic twist on the rice cooker, taking inspiration from the waxing and waning moon.

Observing that waiting for that perfect, fluffy rice is similar to waiting for a full moon, designer Abel Seo let the lunar cycle inform the look and process of the Midea cooker. The cooking cycle is expressed in a beautiful, straightforward way on the top section much in the same way we’d indicate the evolving lunar cycle. As easy to understand and operate as it is attractive, it aims to ensure you get your rice just right each and every time!

Designer: Abel Seo









Multifaceted Footwear


The Y-A FUYU HIGH is a collision of two distinct clothing brands: Y-3 and ACRONYM. This far-out footwear design is a twist on the winter boot that ditches the regular, rounded form we’re familiar with for a sharp, angular aesthetic. The multifaceted design features a triple combination of fasteners that include a zippered section, elastic band and levered tightener. Paired with a formfitting upper ankle section, they’re sure to keep you both snug and stylish!

Designer: David Alberto Olivares Román