If Nikola Tesla Made a Watch

No matter how cool your watch is, whether it can answer texts, or use google maps, or even read your heart rate. It’ll never be as cool as the NIWA. Simply an amalgamation of the words Nixie and Watch, the NIWA is a wrist-watch that literally uses nixie tubes to display the time! The NIWA puts one of the most delightful elements of retro onto your wrist, giving you a strong vintage vibe that’s most definitely cooler than any smartwatch you’ll wear.

The NIWA is styled with a kind of aesthetic that makes it look like a mad-scientist’s creation. With two incredibly tiny (IN-16) nixie tubes at the center, and glowing blue arc-reactor-ish coils (IV-15) on either side. The tubes light up to display the time, with the blue coils glowing in the background. This entire setup fits right into a 55mm housing (that’s pretty small for a nixie tube!). A sapphire glass* sits atop this dial, providing an immaculately clear view of the time, while also protecting your watch from impact and scratches. Honestly though this watch is such a beauty, you won’t stop staring at the time!

Making nixie tubes is an art and making them this small is nothing short of a masterpiece. These two tubes come with an illustrious history of nixie tube craftsmanship that’s slowly dying as LCD screens take over everything. The nixie tubes aren’t power intensive, so will need charging once every 4-6 days. The NIWA comes with a MicroUSB port, allowing you to use any regular smartphone charger to juice it up. With the NIWA, you also get to choose what strap you want around this neo-vintage beauty. You can choose between silicone, leather, and metal straps, available in various designs. Along with the NIWA, you also get two extra IN-16 nixie tubes for repairs, a charger, a set of magnets (that allow you to set the time on the NIWA), and an exquisite looking dock for displaying your stellar time-piece from a parallel steampunk-loving universe!

Designer: Alexander Avramenko

BUY IT HERE: $420.00









*Sapphire glass available on request.

Last Mile Deliveries from Mercedes


As urban areas grow, so shrink the pathways for delivery trucks! Some cities have even placed restrictions on commercial vehicle sizes. Designed in response to this issue, the Mercedes-Benz E.livery Concept aims to make last mile deliveries possible even in tight squeezes!

This modern EV operates in absolute autonomy, coordinating with larger freight carriers and directly with customers to ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods and packages. The driverless design leaves more room for cargo while maintaining a compact size that’s perfectly suited for narrow neighborhoods.

Designer: Mauricio Cesar Andreazzi Cavalheiro








Not Your Average Fishbowl


The 2nd generation Water Garden puts aquaponics within reach for urban dwellers who want to enjoy fresh herbs and fishy friends! This self-cleaning, auto-feeding fish tank requires almost no maintenance, meaning you get maximum benefits of gardening without much work!

So… how does it work?! Well, the fish excrete ammonia that would become toxic to the fish in a regular fish bowl. In the Water Garden, the ammonia-rich waste is pumped up to the grow bed and absorbed by the plants, helping them grow twice as fast as in traditional farming! The clean water is then filtered back to the tank, creating a low-maintenance, self-cleaning cycle to foster a healthy fish and herb garden.

Designer: Pablo Velazquez



A Supercase for your Macbook

You know how when Tony Stark steps into the exoskeleton suit, he becomes Iron Man? Think of the Boost as pretty much the same sort of suit for your Macbook.

Apple’s products continue to discard features in the name of sleekness and innovation. The MacBook has seen a similar fate. With just one USB type C port on the entire machine (and no glowing logo), the new MacBook feels sleek, but also weak. Boost, like its name says, is a razor thin case that gives the Macbook a much needed adrenaline shot, making it powerful in ways beyond Apple’s imagination. The case comes in two halves that cover the upper and lower parts of the MacBook. The upper half of the case comes in a decorative decal that not just ups your mac’s style quotient, it also prevents your laptop’s delicate Aluminum body from scratching or denting.

The lower half of the case however, steals the show. This absolute tech marvel turns your MacBook into nothing short of a performance laptop. With six different ports/readers and not one, but TWO 3300 mAh battery cleverly hidden inside its sleek design, the Boost has the body of a laptop case, but the personality of a multi-port dongle and a power bank.

At lesser than an inch in thickness, the lower half of the Boost case manages to include two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0), a USB type C port, a Mini HDMI port (for external screens or projectors), and two card readers (one for MicroSD and one for regular SD). It even packs 6600 mAh of battery power, capable of juicing your MacBook up to 62%, or even acting as a power bank for your phone/tablet. There’s even a power indicator on the case, that’ll tell you how much battery your Boost case has.

Where Apple fails, dongles take over. But where dongles fall short, you have the Booster. Most dongles just connect to the Type C port, and therefore stand the risk of breaking or damaging, because they’re holding onto the laptop at just one pivotal point. The Boost does it differently by marrying dongle and case, to create something that holds your laptop from all sides, not just protecting it, but empowering it too… while keeping your MacBook incredibly thin. Shut the haters and the naysayers up with the Boost laptop power-case! Now available with a crystal clear upper cover too!

Designer: Ack Lin

BUY IT HERE: $129.00







Most Buzzed Designs of February 2017

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in February 2017.


While the Ztylus Stinger serves its purpose as a car charger with two 2.4 ampere USB ports , it also includes a spring-loaded glass breaker and a seat-belt cutter hidden away in its incredible design.


Atlantic is a stunning hybrid of old and new with a modern Bugatti front half and classic rear.


This here, is the Professional Hair Dryer by Andy Kim. It looks professional, cutting edge and modern. Why’s that though? Let’s break down what exactly makes products look premium.


The Vessel wallet literally allows you to ‘scroll’ through your cards to select the correct one!


The Vapure Steam Washer is a small, portable yet powerful steam washer designed especially for the kitchen.


It’s hard to look at this flat and not be jealous of the people who get to call it home! Titled “33 Kinds of Joys of Life”, it’s the latest work from Taipei Base Design Center.


The home isn’t a product as much as it’s a space. However, the Mobile Home is given a product style treatment. You don’t build the Mobile home. You buy it, and it ships to your location, assembled and ready to use! The Mobile House is therefore a product, rather than a space, meaning it isn’t technically real estate.


Designed as a convenient holder/folder for any A4/US Letter paper, the NoteBook becomes your modular solution, allowing you to store any kind of paper.


Designer João Paulo Caetano Moreira’s modern concept aims to bring back the Honda CB400 with new relevance in the form of a vintage style cafe racer!


Beatle’s versatile construction makes it possible to easily switch things up depending on both your spatial and comfort needs. The flexible back can slide all the way around on a built-in rail system, instantly transforming it from sofa to lounge.


The AK G-12 charging case also acts as a controller (with a dedicated volume dial), a screen (that displays what song you’re playing), and even comes with microSD card support (allowing you to play all your music directly out of your charging case!).


Meddsy isn’t as much a first aid kit as much as it’s an emergency aid kit. It contains dedicated units for everything from medical goods to any instruments one may need to treat themselves.


SuperKlar is a toothbrush with Oral-B’s bristle technology, and Braun’s prowess in electronic personal care products.


There’s nothing sophisticated about the flour mill, but there’s also no reason for it NOT to look sophisticated. The Millithic Stone Mill gives a makeover to an age-old product.


The Connected Cleat basically puts a bunch of sensors into your cleats that then constantly read data and give you a complete detailed analysis of your gameplay with numbers.


TILT. is a kettle that makes it easy for anyone to fill, heat, and pour despite disability, weakness, mobile impairment or age.