Baby Bathtime for Dummies


The right water temperature is largely subjective depending on the individual, but it’s imperative that parents get it just right when it comes time to give baby a bath. The Tubcare thermometer takes the guesswork out of baby’s bathtime temperature by displaying not only the exact degree, but also indicating whether its too cold, hot or just right with colored LED indicators. Red means the temperature is too high, blue means it’s too cold, and green means it’s good to go! Waterproof and durable, little ones will also love to play with it in the water!

Designer: Gary Chang

temperture measure

“There are forty little concave holes on the surface for gripping purpose,” says Gary.


“The temperature induction only takes seconds to send the temperature to the top of the screen.”






Your Eyes on (and off) the Road

You’re taking the perfect road-trip. You want to capture the scenery in stunning HD. You activate the HD recording on your windshield-mounted VAVA Dash Cam and get a brilliant 140° wide view of the scenery in front of you.

You’ve parked your car at the market and stepped out to pick up a few supplies. You come back to see someone’s dinged your car or knocked your rear view mirror off. No problem, because the VAVA Dash Cam captured it all just as it happened so you’ve got proof now.

You’ve gathered your squad for a nice drive and you’re busting tunes out while doing your own rendition of Carpool Karaoke and you want to put it up online. You flip the VAVA Dash Cam to face you and voila! You’ve got yourself an in-car HD camera!

The VAVA Dash Cam is just the most appropriate camera for your car, being useful in almost any scenario where you could use some image or video footage. The camera’s design is discreet, being right where you need it, without calling attention to itself. It mounts in a simple way on your windshield and can be rotated a full 360° to point anywhere you want it to. The camera comes with a rather exhaustive app that not just allows you to start/pause/stop FullHD video (at 60fps) and take snapshots, it lets you stream all your video to your phone at an instant. The app even allows you to geo-tag your media, linking places to events or moments. The VAVA even comes with a small remote for quick captures, allowing you to keep your concentration on the wheel instead of scrolling through your phone. Aside from recording at 1080p (60fps), the Dash Cam comes with 140° viewing angle, capturing up to 5 lanes of traffic. It even has an in-built G-Sensor that senses sudden braking or impact, allowing it to begin recording its surroundings instantly. A parking mode feature lets you silently record footage even when your car is off. You can just hook the Dash Cam to your car power outlet and have it recording for more than 30 days.

The future is filled with smart cameras. In your home, for your children, pets, or intruders. In the workplace, for time logging, and definitely in cars, both manual and autonomous. The VAVA Dash Cam takes a first step towards providing an incredibly reliable and easy product experience over a WIDE variety of scenarios. Whether for security reasons, or film-making reasons, or for crazy karaoke reasons, the VAVA Dash Cam looks out for you and your needs. Literally!

Designers: VAVA & Y Studios

BUY IT HERE: $119.00 $199.00












Always Get a Green Light!


Every cyclist knows that the best trips are those when you hit every green light! Designed with this in mind, Orion is a commuter must-have. Easily installed on your handlebars, it provides simple directions and navigation that helps you find the most efficient bicycle route each time. With real-time traffic light information and uphill/downhill distance indicators, you’ll know exactly where to go with the straightforward indicators and information on the screen. Just snap it on your handlebars, install the Orion extension on your Google Maps app, and you’re good to go!

Designer: Clement Dauchy


“It became an everyday challenge to pass all those lights without stopping. I believe I am not alone in this situation so I thought about a cycling navigation device that would help anticipate, manage your effort and make your ride around the city more efficient,” explains Clement.




“The module provide informations about the upcoming traffic lights and their state, so you know exactly the duration of the traffic light being green so to adjust your speed accordingly.”





Drone you worry, child!


We’ve seen drones finding applications in the coast guard service before. This isn’t the first time the drone has become a life-saving gadget, but the Recon Drone for Parrot makes a bold attempt of being a rescue drone that works under all odds. Its design takes inspiration from a helicopter (known to give assurance to the stranded), allowing it to maneuver through any sort of weather. A front mounted camera allows the drone to perform a surveillance run on the surface of the ocean in regular as well as thermal imaging, and on spotting a survivor the drone deploys one of two emergency flotation devices.

The drone is operated remotely using a joypad that gives the user full control of the drone’s movements while also providing footage from the drone’s camera.

The drone even has a flotation belt of its own, if it were to encounter an accident or error and plummet into the water. Quite a well-planned, holistic approach, isn’t it?

Designers: Aurélien Gravelotte, Augustin Wanert, Maxence Hoet & Maxence Fournier.




















The Most Beautiful Bugatti


Bizarre and elusive, the late 1930s Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is largely considered to be one of the most beautiful automotive designs in history… and perhaps even the first supercar ever! Its iconic teardrop shape, dramatic fender flares and unique details like the split fin down the middle inspired this modern take on the Atlantic. Its a stunning hybrid of old and new with a modern Bugatti front half and classic rear. Our mouths are watering to see more!

Designer: Julian Swietlicki