A Hexacopter for Heavy Lifting


The Ehang Skyway expands on the brand’s line of high-quality drones, this time in the form of a hexacopter designed to capture stunning aerial footage.

The six propellers give this craft more maneuverability and flying power than your average quadcopter. It can also fly very steadily and reach higher altitudes. This combination of lift and stability allow users to equip it with different professional cameras, including HD, infrared for night surveillance, 360 cams, and a myriad of other gadgets to create amazing footage.

For easy and safe delivery between shoots, it also features a unique folding design to keep its blades out of harm’s way and reduces its footprint during transportation.

Designer: Darko Nikolić


“Designed with optional equipment in mind such as obstacle-avoidance system or secondary camera for pilot to improve flight in narrow spaces or while main camera is turned sidewards or backwards,” says designer Darko Nikolić.


“Skyway is based on intuitive flight control system via smartphone or tablet where different modes are available, also in combination with optional VR headset.”


“Its design is developed to make consistent line of Ehang’s products with their first consumer drone named Ghost so that brand can be easily recognized on the international market. To increase or reduce visibility for different applications and environments Skyway is designed to be produced in 3 different color options.”






A Playtime Piggy Companion for Kids

This witty design will put kids in hog heaven! This creature, called Hausschwein, triples as a ridable toy, storage unit, and sculptural accent that’s right at home in your little one’s playroom.

Made from durable polyethylene plastic, it can withstand endless amounts of playtime. Kids can also remove the nose to use as storage for all kinds of objects from markers to more toys. Both a playful companion for kids and a stylish furniture piece for parents, it lets parents pass on creative taste in the form of design-focused furniture!

Designer: Marcel Wanders


“Adorable little pigs have always captured popular imagination, and the Hausschwein provides the chance to live out this dream in one’s own home,” says designer Marcel Wanders.


“The Hausschwein is designed as a container because with children comes a lot of stuff. Not only is this object fun to fill up, it sits around the house in a beautiful way.”


“All parts of the pig are made using a rotational moulding technique so that there is no wastage of materials. With a matelassé pattern on the pig’s hindquarters, this endearing piggy is a charming addition to any household and a fun friend for the whole family.”





A Seating Sanctuary


Modern office spaces have ditched cubicles and grown to be more open and communal, but sometimes you just need a darn break from your coworkers and the action! That’s where Geode comes in handy.

It provides an intimate, cozy setting to keep out audible and visible distractions. Inside, you can curl up, lounge about, or roll over the entire chair to make yourself comfy! All while you feel secluded and private even within an open workspace. Geometric and alluring, it’s also a beautiful sculptural accent that won’t kill the vibe of your office.

Designer: Ngā Pae Māhutonga




Plan your Life… King Size!

The only plans that materialize are the ones that have deadlines. And deadlines only work when they’re constantly staring at you in the face. That’s why we present to you the SuperYR Calendar. It lasts forever (unlike your planners that are only good for 365 days) and it’s much better than those pesky reminder/planner apps on your phone that stay hidden and jump out to scare you only when the deadline is approaching. Think of the SuperYR calendar as an essential for any student, professional or team looking to plan, execute, and achieve the impossible!

The greatest thing about the SuperYR is its size. It fits the entire year into its large canvas, giving you a complete overview on your year, allowing you to really plan things efficiently on a larger scale. The SuperYR comes with a transparent outer layer that allows you to go directly at it with a whiteboard marker. Plan daily, weekly or even monthly events by scribbling across the calendar’s 30inch X 40inch banner-sized canvas. Feel free to stick a post-it or two too. The SuperYR can take as much ink and repositionable glue you give it and can wipe completely clean with a single stroke of a duster or cloth. The SuperYR even comes with a magnetic sub-surface, allowing you to indulge your creative side and stick notes, prints, and even photos using magnetic pins.

You actually get two SuperYRs for the price of one. The calendar comes with a double sided print, one in portrait and another in landscape. Depending on your work environment or your space constraints, the SuperYR adapts to fit comfortably into your professional life.

The SuperYR is perfect because it’s (as its designers say) obnoxiously big. Imagine being able to visualize your monthly, quarterly, or even yearly plans at one go… being able to make updates, changes, add notes, snippets, etc to really capture plans, deadlines and events all on one massive canvas. So whether you’re an individual professional with a tight schedule, a student who really wants to manage their time, a creative who wants to achieve everything they set their mind on, or a collective team with great visions and goals, the SuperYR is perfect for you, because BIG plans require a BIG planner!


BUY IT HERE: $29.00 $49.00







The Better Than Ever CB 400


In the early 80s, Brazilians rejoiced at the news Honda would produce the milestone CB400 in their native country. Much to many Brazilian gearheads dismay, it was discontinued in 2012 and replaced with more technologically advanced options. Designer João Paulo Caetano Moreira’s modern concept aims to bring back this bad boy, ironically with new relevance in the form of a vintage style cafe racer!

The midsize bike still sports a 400 CC engine and maintains some of the signature aesthetic elements like the tank and tail. Despite its focus on heritage, a few new bells and whistles stand out, including a fingerprint scanner fuel tank access system, a digital display with smartphone syncing capability, and cameras integrated into the handlebars which then feed directly to the rider’s helmet display!

Designer: João Paulo Caetano Moreira