Easy Tea


Nothing should prevent one from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures: a hot cup of tea! Designed with this in mind, TILT. is a kettle that makes it easy for anyone to fill, heat, and pour despite disability, weakness, mobile impairment or age.

It’s all made possible with a unique hinge system that aids in the pouring process by reducing the strain on the arms. Additionally, an integrated cup filling system reduces the weight that would normally be required to lift a traditional kettle.

Of course, other swing systems have been around for a while, but they still require the user to lift a full kettle to put it in place… and they don’t look half as good!

Designer: Andy Walton















Last call for entries! A’ Design Awards & Competition

This is it. With just two weeks to go, this is officially your final chance to be a part of the A’ Design Awards and Competition. Why should you? Only because it’ll not just award your design, but give it the publicity push it needs and deserves. When you win an A’ Design Award, you don’t just win the beautiful looking trophy… you also entitle yourself to a large-scale PR campaign (which gets your work published across various design recognition platforms), gain access to the Gala night (where you network with the best in the business), and you also automatically get nominated for Design of the Year (and much more). Like I’ve mentioned before, even participating has its perks. Participants who do so much as even register get included in the World Design Index and the Design Encyclopedia. The participants also help push their country’s position up in the World Design Ranking, so do it for your country!

Now that you’ve made up your mind to register, you’re probably wondering how to go about it. You start by registering here. It’s simple! A’ Design Awards and Competition also have an incredibly wide span of categories for you to choose from so no matter what, you know your design has a place in the competition. The A’ Design Awards and Competition spans over every imaginable Design Category (Furniture Design, Electronic Devices Design, Transportation Design, Medical Devices Design, Home Appliances Design, to name just a few) and is judged by a panel of more than 80 esteemed jury members from all around the world. The last date to register your entries is the 28th of February, so put the pedal to the metal, man!

Scroll down to see some of the winning designs from last year. Let them inspire you and get those creative juices flowing because who knows, we could very well be talking about your design here two months from now when we feature the winning designs for this year on the 15th of April.

Register Here for the A’ Design Awards and Competition 2017 : Deadline 28th February

01. Lockblock by Dan Kulp

Knives are dangerous and can cause some serious accidents. Lockblock locks your knives so that you have to push a lever to release them before use.

02. Architech by Alan B. Guyan

3D printing is still a pretty exclusive manufacturing process but the Architech shoes by Under Armour actually have 3D printed soles that don’t just look dope, they enhance performance too.

03. Swing 65″ TV by Vestel ID Team

It’s a TV AND a TV Cabinet! Plus look at how insane it looks! Need i say more, really?

04. Turn-Lock by inDare Design

Door handles that double up as door locks are just superb even on a conceptual level. Here we have people who’ve even gone as far as detailing the design out!

05. Trempel Hanger by Viktor Puzur


All you have to do is truncate a stiff cardboard tube at the correct angle and voila! You’ve got yourself an unusually pretty and functional cloth hanger!

06. Hideaway Chair by Think & Shift Studio


It may look like a chair, but in the minds of children, it’s more like a fortress of fun!

07. Coral Vase by Aprilli

A vase that looks arguably better than the flowers you put in it? Mother nature may not approve! However, we do!

08. Valtra T4 Tractor by Kimmo Wihinen

Are tractors even allowed to look this desirable?! Is it just me or does the Valtra look appealing to you too?

09. Yoga 900S Laptop by Johnson Li

Even Lenovo gets the importance of the A’ Design Awards! Imagine having your design featured right alongside one of the best tech companies today!

10. TTMM Watchfaces by Albert Salamon

Just like the CKIE Diagram 17 Watch, the TTMM Watchfaces app for Android Wear is all about artistic reinterpretation of time. Looks incredible, don’t you think?!

CKIE Product of the week – Diagram 17 Watch


The Diagram 17 watch doesn’t just tell the time, it tells a story too with its Suprematist art inspired watch dial. Taking elements from Kandinsky’s Diagram 17 painting, the watch has a simple dial with rather quirky yet well composed hands. Oddly enough, the thick short hand denotes the seconds, while three lines in the background (that some may mistake for artwork) actually rotate around the watch’s face, pointing out the hours. The minutes hand has its own charm too.

The beauty of the Diagram 17 watch is that no matter where the hands are placed, the composition looks pleasing. Each second of the day transforms into an abstract artpiece that behind aesthetics, hides the time of the day. Nice, isn’t it?!

Available at: CKIE [Buy it here]









A Variation on Illumination


With just one easy gesture, the Lyrea lamp makes it possible to get exactly the type of glow you need! Its simplistic yet innovative construction makes it possible to change from soft, indirect light to direct light with a simple gesture. Inside the partially frosted blown glass, a copper leaf turns around a LED light bulb hidden in the aluminium body. By sliding the handle around, you can adjust the quantity of direct light or have it spread out.

Designers: Amélie Claudin & Julien Vignal of JUAM Studio






Not Your Grandma’s Dishwasher


The Vapure Steam Washer is a small, yet powerful steam washer designed especially for the kitchen. Sized to fit the most compact of spaces, it eliminates the need for bulky under-counter washers and even dishwashing liquids. Instead, it takes up only a slight amount of counter real estate, can be mounted on the wall, and even carried around the kitchen!

Designer: Irrsyah Ismail