The no-tug plug

Over the past five years we’ve reinvented the USB, the MicroUSB, we’ve bettered the lightning connector, the thunderbolt connector. However, for decades, our stupid socket plug has been the same. It still differs from country to country, and more importantly, it’s still an absolute nightmare to pull the plug out of the socket without a good grip. We’ve seen countless concepts solve the problem on Yanko Design, so much so that we have an exhaustive bank of design ideas solving the same problem differently. Here’s one more for the collection!

The Safeplug is actually pretty easy to implement, given that it doesn’t change plug-socket standards. In fact, its design detail can be implemented on virtually any type of plug to make them easily retractable. The plug design comes in two broad parts. An outer sleeve with retraction flaps, and the inner plug component that slides back and forth. Lift the flaps up and the plug slides inwards, like a turtle into a shell, pulling itself out of the socket with absolute ease!

Designer: Mian Wei







The 3-wheeled Chopper


“Two wheels good. Three wheels better?” asks designer Olcay Tuncay, rhetorically speaking. I personally feel that the Nasty T-Trike looks stunning even in black and white! Halfway between a regular lowrider and a quad bike, the Nasty T-Trike has the power of a trike, with the swag of a chopper. Plus, how good would the wheelies on this thing be?!

Designer: Olcay Tuncay Karabulut



Perfect for ‘Soft’ Rock!

I’ve heard of music being a soothing experience, but the Kushion bluetooth speaker pushes limits! The pillow/cushion actually has a pretty darn amazing speaker hidden within its soft, cozy looking exterior. Kushion really aims to change the music listening experience with something refreshing and out of the blue. The audio drivers within the pillow can play back soft tunes when you’re trying to sleep, or can even fill up the room with its DSP controlled audio system. It comes with the longest bluetooth range on the market so you can play your tunes from anywhere in the room, and with 8 hours of battery time, you’re going to eventually run out of music to play! Plus guess what… you can plug your phone into the Kushion and charge your device too! What you can’t do though, is use the Kushion for pillowfights. *sadface*

Designer: David Fuchs

BUY IT HERE: $219.99 $300.00









A Kitchen Clock and Timer in One


More than just a clock, Sync is an innovative kitchen timer that helps users manage their cook time in a simple, intuitive way. While cooking, simply remove the clock from the wall to use it as a timer. To make things easy, you can preset cook times using color variations on the face. Simply slide the timer to the designated color to instantly countdown the correct cook time! Better yet, it requires minimal contact and is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty!

Designer: Hélène Bert


“To use Sync, just associate one color to one type of cooking like meats, vegetables, starches etc and accumulate different tasks by sliding the timer. Select the time desired by referring to the 5-minute indicator.” says designer Hélène.



Real Life Pokemon Snap!


Inspired by Nat Geo Wild, the Onyx drone aims to provide nature lovers with an entirely new way to track and record landscape and wildlife undisturbed from the safety of the sky.

Designed with aerodynamics and durability in mind, its beetle-like form provides enhanced stability for its dual HD camera system. Using one on the top surface on a gyroscopic rail and the other one on the bottom, it tracks shapes, colors, and heat signals to distinguish animals and help guide the user operating from the ground. It’s like Pokemon Snap… only, IRL!

Designer: Anthony Mazoyer