Hey Nintendo! VR Waiting!


I can’t stress any harder on how much the Nintendo Switch VR needs to be a reality! Aside from its cool factor, it’s also perfectly built to fit well into the VR case, and comes with detachable controllers, making it perfect for its use! Admitted the controllers don’t come with spatial recognition, and the Switch may or may not have a gyroscope built in, or the power to run VR games seamlessly, but it makes complete sense for Nintendo to enter VR. Just how the Wii absolutely dominated the motion sensing market, and how the Gameboy has always been the true pioneer of handheld gaming, this seems like the perfect chance for Nintendo to show everyone who’s boss in an absolutely nascent department that’s definitely here to stay. Don’t you think?

Any Nintendo execs reading this??

Designer: Antoine Beynel









Contact Lens Common Sense!


Let me share a story with you. I’ve had spectacles for roughly 18 years now. As long as I can remember. I’v also been called “four-eyes” for as long as I can remember. So one day, when I was 15, I decided to do something about it. I picked up my first pair of contact lenses. They were pretty cool, except for one thing. They were a nuisance to put on and take off. The last straw was when I was in front of the mirror, and I was about to put the contact lens in, and the fan was on behind me… The contact lens caught the wind and flew off my fingertip, onto the mirror. When I tried peeling the lens off, I managed to peel off half the lens. That was it for contact lenses.

The problem with lenses has always been application and removal. Not only is it a daunting process, most people a scared out of using them because it’s so frightening to see your jittering fingertip slowly approach your pupil. Three designers set out to change that incredibly clumsy experience. The Lenspack is a contact lens case, fluid vial, and lens applicator and removal device all in one. While lens and fluid cases are pretty common, the applicator separates the Lenspack from the rest. A collapsible silicone sleeve holds the lens tactfully while you gently place it in your eye. Removal is also incredibly easy as the silicone tip has little bumps that catch the lens easily, taking it off the eyeball like an absolute pro. Raise your hands if you’re waiting for this to hit the market!

Designers: Metanat Karami, Mohammad Mahdi Seifi & Hesamaldin Ghasimi.




Seating with a Sliding Surprise

Get ready to be OBSESSED with the Beatle! When you’re choosing a piece of furniture like a sofa, you have to make sure the back, arms or chaise are on the right side to go with the flow of your layout. Beatle’s versatile construction makes it possible to easily switch things up depending on both your spatial and comfort needs.

The flexible back can slide all the way around on a built-in rail system, instantly transforming it from sofa to lounge. You can adjust it in a number of comfortable positions and choose the side that works best for your space. It’s one piece you’ll be able to hold on to as it adapts to any and every space, even if you move!

Designers: Burak Aykan & Nur Eryılmaz







Move Over Uber!


Sky2Go aims to give Uber (specifically, UberLux) a run for its money! Representing the future of ride-sharing, this drone concept applies the Mercedes Benz design language to put passengers in the lap of luxury as they travel. The autonomous system makes it possible to pick up and drop off at precise locations (even those inaccessible by car) and shortens travel distance and commuting time by avoiding busy roadways. Riders will not only arrive in style, but get a superb view along the way!

Designer: Marcell Nagy


“This vehicle was designed for an urban environment, making saving space a focus. To address this, a folding side-by-side rotor system was designed, in which the rotors do not have a central axis,” designer Marcell told Yanko Design.





A Dentist’s Wet Dream!


You’re not basic… so why should your toothbrush be?! Trash your boring ole’ brush for Aqua – a smarter solution that doesn’t look half-bad either!

It’s designed to be not just a tool for cleaning your teeth, but an attractive, sculptural accessory. After all, your brush is a permanent fixture in your bathroom. Not only easy on the eyes, it’s functionally more advanced than other brushes. It features an integrated HD camera so you can see those hard to reach areas and keep a close eye on your dental health. Better yet, it keeps track of your brushing habits and makes suggestions using a dedicated smartphone app that will even tell you when it’s time for a checkup!

Designer: Guillermo Márquez Alvarado