Dynamic by Design!

The Nissan Parallax is so dynamic, it looks like it’s moving even when it’s parked! The car’s form is futuristic, no doubt, but it also has an aerodynamic quality to it that makes it look like a perpetual motion blur.

The name Parallax, I guess, comes from the way the car’s doors open. An upper hood slides open and the door does so along with it, but in a slightly different path. These two moving elements change in relation with each other when in open and closed positions, hence the parallax. The car even ditches the fuel tank for an energy cell that fits directly into the car’s bonnet… just when you thought the Nissan Parallax couldn’t get more crazy awesome. 
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Stone cold awesome!


The flour mill is easily an incredibly old invention from possibly the stone age. Two massive discs of stone that run against each other, grinding grains of wheat between to a fine powder that we refer to as flour. There’s nothing sophisticated about the mill, but there’s also no reason for it NOT to look sophisticated. The Millithic Stone Mill gives a makeover to an age-old product. What essentially is two stone discs with a rudimentary handle on the top for rotating is now a slick looking product with two stones hidden behind a matte black exterior. It comes with a foldable handle, compacting the design… and even a neat looking flour reservoir. Boy, our ancestors would be proud!

Designer: Meng Jie Chen









Medication Made Easy


It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s difficult to remember to take your medicine, vitamins and other pills at times! Just as the name suggests, Easypill makes it easier than ever to take your medicine on time while keeping record.

Particularly useful for elderly individuals who may be forgetful, the smart containers features a digital “Pillpad” and easy-to-use smartphone app. The containers can be set to light up when it’s time to receive that designated medicine. Alerts are also sent to the user and their loved ones to notify when it’s time to medicate or even if a dosage has been missed.

Designer: Chung Yen-Chang








The Complete Sweep


The Complete Sweep concept expands on the popular robotic vacuum so your floors will always be almost clean enough to lick! The design features two distinct innovations that give users reassurance that every inch of their home is being tended to.

Aside from infrared sensors that assist with navigation, an integrated camera does 3D mapping and allows the user to tap in at any time from their smart phone to keep an eye on things. The second feature is a digital screen located directly on top of the device that represents the homes layout. Here, users can see exactly what areas have been vacuumed and which ones are still pending, and make adjustments accordingly.

Designer: Shubham Harish


“The charging station has been designed to compliment the shape and form of the sweeper. The sweeper and charger seamlessly integrate into one unified product,” designer Shubham explains.

Charging Station

“Provides live feedback with the help of a camera located at the front of the sweeper to ensure that you get the best results.”


“The acrylic piece on top of the sweeper serves as a display for the user to look at. The Complete Sweep comes with an integrated UI which uses 3D room mapping technology to keep track of all the areas in your home the have already been swept.”

Room Mapping

“Has for four infrared sensors located at the corners, that detect any obstructions in its path and help the sweeper to maneuver around it.”


“Slide out dust tray makes it extremely easy to clean the sweeper. The tray is made of clear plastic which adds visual interest for the consumer.”

Dust Pan

“The tank like tracks allow the sweeper to easily transition from hard to carpeted surfaces. The two from rotary bristles push the dust inwards towards the roller which help to move the dust into the tray.”

Treads and Bristles



Power on a Roll


Rolling Snake G1 combines the protective properties of cable bridges with the flexibility of classic extension cables on a cable reel. This all-in-one extension cable and cable bridge is a major save-spacing solution and eliminates the need for transporting cable bridges. No extra installation is required and it’s ready to use immediately. Other advantages include complete waterproofing, adaptability to all soils and environment, and warning stripes that ensure better safety.

Designer: Emami Design