There’s No Problem a Hammock Can’t Solve

You have to tip your hat to whoever invented the hammock. He/she took two of the most wonderful activities in the world (swinging and sleeping) and smushed them together to make an experience that’s truly leisurely! In that regard, the YOBO Hammock Stand probably needs some hat tipping too. Its the world’s lightest, most portable and most durable hammock stand.

The stand comes from the company YOBO (short for You Oughta Be Outdoors!), a collective of trailblazers who love outdoors and live for the outdoors. The stand is is pretty amazing in the sense that it is entirely collapsible, incredibly durable, and weighs at a stunning 2 pounds. For something that light, it can still withstand up to 300 pounds of weight (that’s a hundred and fifty times its own) without collapsing, slipping, or giving away. The stand fits into rocky terrain as well as soil, and comes with anchor pins for a solid grip.

You can use just one YOBO hammock stand as a tether point and tie the other end of a hammock to a nearby tree or pole, or if you’re in a more lawn sort of atmosphere, two Hammock Stands should do just fine. If you’ve got a three way hammock, just grab yourself a third Hammock Stand! They’re so lightweight and compact, you’ll want to hammock wherever you go!

The Hammock Stand outdoes itself by also providing an extension for attaching a tarp on top, because why should sunlight or rainfall come in the way of well deserved hammock time! It even comes with a lifetime guarantee, cuz hammocks are 4 lyf, yo! 
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Most Buzzed Designs of January 2017

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in January 2017.


Unlike Tesla cars, the all-electric Tesla Model Y yacht is a self-sustaining design that charges itself… with a little help from the sun and sea, that is.


The 48Hr Switch allows you to switch between work, play and travel by putting a backpack, messenger-bag, and briefcase all in one.


Calculator 2.0 is just mesmerising to look at, and it comes with an incredibly sleek design that even makes use of a touch bar below the screen.


The Boeing 777 (don’t be deceived by the name, it’s not a plane) is designed to be an extension of a carrier’s flight service once business class passengers hit the runway… and it’s entirely autonomous!


The Titanium Peeler can peel a goddamn tree.


Juno is a smart mirror that mimics outdoor lighting on your dressing table, allowing you to apply make-up under suitable lighting conditions.


This gizmo allows you to plug BOTH headphone cable and lightning connector into your iPhone, while also working as an audio amplifier for your phone.


This little piece of metal fits all the tools you need to survive in the wild. Weighing in at a mere 0.7 ounces (20grams) this bad-boy fits in 10 different pieces of camping equipment into one slick, pocketable mass.


Linnaeus is a drone that’s designed to monitor large open green spaces to make sure that plants are healthy and well irrigated.

The Swash is a device that attaches itself over any bucket, turning it instantly into a makeshift washing machine.


This amazingly thin little beaut is capable of turning your MacBook screen into a touchscreen.


It currently takes 3 nurses to transition the patient from bed to wheelchair. The LOHAS bed, however, only requires one.


This innovative social-sharing peripheral bike attachment is designed for groups who like to capture and share every perspective of their journey together.


The Vultran Tyger 1 is a hybrid powered piloted drone that takes inspiration from advanced fighter jets, rotorcraft and modern drone technologies.


Its simplistic yet versatile stand can be rotated 360° to project in any direction. It can also be used as a convenient handle to carry the device.


The Kyotomoji boxes take Japan’s passion for storage and organization and add an element of ‘kawaii’ to it.

Ever tried to find a nice-looking ceiling fan? It’s a nearly impossible feat! Perhaps fan designers should take a tip from automotive design.


This set of grooming tools is made strictly for the alpha male, with its chiseled, sharp forms and matte black demeanor.


Don’t stare at it for too long, it may hypnotise you!


XBows arrange their keys in a crossbow-style radial (rather than linear) pattern using the wrists as their center. This means your hands can stay put while typing with minimal movement.

The reason why things look premium


This here, is the Professional Hair Dryer, by Andy Kim. It does look professional, doesn’t it? It looks cutting edge, honestly.. It doesn’t look A. Inexpensive, and B. Like it would fail. Why’s that though? Let’s break down what exactly makes products look premium.

For starters, the matte body works well against the hair dryer’s simple shape. Simple shapes and matte go along pretty well, whereas complex contours look good with a gloss finish (take cars for instance). To balance the matte reflections, you’ve got a swirled metal disc on the side. Metal, obviously, is synonymous with a more premium experience. Look at metal versus plastic phones as an example. Plastic is a material of mass production. Metal, not as much… making it feel more exclusive. The radial reflections coming from the spun metal just give your eye some good, controlled reflections to look at. On a matte body, the reflections off the disc are welcome, and stand out like a work of art on a blank canvas. Lastly, and most importantly is the palette. The hair dryer does a wonderful job of selecting colors that just work. The black and white ones are classic, while the navy blue and golden combo give the product a royal feel. The shade of pink works well too, given that hair dryers are usually used by women… but the exact pastel hue seems to be a derivative of the rose-gold trend found in today’s technology.

All these reasons combined are what make the Professional Hair Dryer look truly, well…professional!

Designer: Andy Kim






It’s Going to Be a Long Time Before We Hear About Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Replacement

Earlier this week, Peter Capaldi confirmed that he would be departing Doctor Who at the end of 2017—and instantaneously, media outlets across the world began pondering just who will step in the TARDIS next. But if you’re excited to here about a Post-Moffat, Post-Capaldi Who right now… you’re gonna have to wait.

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