Don’t leave home without this iPad Pro Case!


Most third party accessory makers rely on Apple’s short-sighted approach to design. An entire ecosystem has been created to rectify Apple’s design “errors”, if you may. From beautiful battery cases for the iPhone (as opposed to Apple’s ugly camel-hump case), to the case that puts the headphone jack back on your iPhone, to even tiny accessories or stickers that help you keep track of or disguise your Earpods, there is a thriving industry of beautifully designed products that honestly make the Apple experience a memorable one.

It’s strange how Apple has aggressively paired and marketed the iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil, but none of Apple’s cases really integrate the two. You inevitably have to carry the Pencil separately in your pocket and if that doesn’t spell trouble, I don’t know what does! ATECH comes in to fill that void with their iPad Pro Case that not only does the job of protecting your iPad Pro, it also doubles up as a dock (with two positions), comes with smart-wake and sleep abilities, and boasts of a nice recessed groove that allows you to fit your Apple Pencil in securely.

The ATECH iPad Pro case aims its guns directly at Apple’s iPad Pro smart cover. At less than half the price, it gives you the more than what Apple’s own case promises. The ATECH iPad Pro case comes in 4 colors that give it a professional demeanor. All four colors (black, grey, red and navy) come with a leatherette finish on the outside that feels great to touch. A microfiber fabric on the inside protects the iPad from scratches while also keeping the screen free of dust. The tablet fits cozily into the TPU case and a dedicated slot for the Apple Pencil means that the two gadgets that were made for each other will always be paired together. A match made in heaven, honestly! Plus, did I mention that you can get it at less than half the price?!

Designer: Rin Preda

BUY IT HERE: $19.99 $39.00







No, it isn’t a Dyson watch!


it isn’t, but it sure feels like one, doesn’t it?! The ASIG Concentric watches embrace their design in all its hubless glory. Each hand comes in a ring-shaped design that rotates on an invisible axis. Outcrops on these rings form the ‘hands’ of the watch that allow you to tell the time despite the presence of any numeric markings on the watch’s face. Although, I don’t blame the watch… it barely has a watch-face to begin with! Absolutely loving this Dyson-esque donut timepiece!

Designer: Simon Williamson









The Architecture Automotive Overlap!


Imagine a world where Architecture takes inspiration from Transportation design. We would have some spectacular looking buildings, wouldn’t we?! Honestly though, the edgiest buildings would be those inspired by Lamborghini’s aggressively sculpted designs.

The Lamborghini Museum literally takes a slice of the Supercar company’s visual language and uses it to create an architectural masterpiece. The keen Lamborghini enthusiast may notice that the building mirrors the curves and style of the Aventador LP700-4. Me, I’m just wondering where the ticket counter to this place is!

Designer: Saulo Fernando & Willy Ferreira.




A Trike for Independence


H.A.N.D.I. stands for Humanitarian Action To Nourish Disabled Individuals and aims to encourage individuals with severe physical or lower extremity disabilities to travel, earn a living, and turn their physical adversity into opportunity.

With a focus on an alternative powertrain, the design makes it possible for those with mobile impairments to travel safely and efficiently. Using a specialized gearing system, they can power the trike using their arms while simultaneously controlling direction.

Enhanced ergonomics and accessibility make it easy to enter and exit the trike. Adaptable, cushioned seating provides optimum comfort while the overhead shade protects from sun and weather. A place for crutches and light storage have been integrated to streamline the carrying process.

Designers: Hira Kabir, Muhammad Daniyal, Syed Ali Murtaza, Umber Yaseen & Zareen Yousufi








A Robotic Picker-Upper Pet!

Inspired by our flightless feathered friend, the penguin, this design by the same name was designed to be more friendly-looking than other robotic vacuums currently on the market. It quietly takes care of dust and small debris while steam cleaning the floor surface. Designed to be completely autonomous, it’s more like a pet than an appliance!

Designer: Soo Mok