This vase is TWO adorable!


The two way pot is actually more than just a two way pot. It’s also a really pretty vase. Designed as an item with functional properties as well as decorative abilities, the two way pot has two spouts. One for pouring, the other for sprinkling. A clever instance of design intervention also makes it a vase. So you don’t need to empty all the water you fill in. You also don’t need to hide the sprinkler in your garden shed. It can sit atop your windowsill too, looking pretty as ever!

Designer: Aristotelis Barakos






Construction with caution


Construction workers are pretty brave. Being able to perform the kind of tasks they perform, especially at those heights. It’s not an art, it’s sheer courage. I’ve shuddered at the thought of standing under scaffolding, I can only imagine what it feels like actually standing on top of it, balancing gingerly a hundred feet from the ground on a frail looking pipe structure. Scaffolding, as it is called, can be quite unpredictable. One weak link, or one gust of wind, and the entire thing can fall apart like dominoes. The Scaffolding Alert beacon is a pressure sensitive device that sits between pipes in a scaffolding structure. What it does is that it provides alerts when any part of the grid starts becoming weak. An alarm is instantly initiated when evacuation must be begun, so that no human life is lost in the eventuality of a mishap.

Designers: Chen Yu-Sheng & Liao Mei-Chih.




The vertical zoo of greenery


I apologise for how bleak I’m making the future seem. A few posts back, I spoke of a conceptual Space Greenhouse that would loom over the earth absorbing the sun’s radiation, slowing down, if not reversing the Global Warming process. This time, I’m here talking about an earth where mother nature has lost the battle against the humans. In a world devoid of greenery, Designers Nathakit Sae-Tan & Prapatsorn Sukkaset have envisioned the concept of Babel Towers, mega skyscrapers devoted to preserving horticultural stability within a single building. The Babel towers would play an instrumental role in the propagation of greenery in and around the area. These towers would also become attraction centers for us humans, like going to a zoo, but a zoo of plants. Seems a little sad, saying this, but I do hope that we never reach a day where the Babel Tower becomes a necessity. I however do feel that having towers like these now, in our cities, would be a beautiful idea. Don’t you think so too??

Designers: Nathakit Sae-Tan & Prapatsorn Sukkaset.




The Future Begins Now


Those are actually the words of BMW’s chairman of the board of management and CEO, Harald Krüger from the unveiling of the BMW Vision Next 100. The project earns its namesake from encapsulating everything we can look forward to from the brand for the next century. A part of that looking forward includes confusion. No wheels? Not exactly. They’re covered by moving bodywork comprised of triangles that expand and compress to move with the wheel. The surface is, in a sense, elastic and therefore more aerodynamic. The twin kidneys are still a focal point of the front end, however useless they may be without a radiator to cool! As for the interior, the style is not all that surprising IF you’ve had the chance to sit in today’s i3. What sets it apart, however, is a similar system of triangles that raise and lower to show the red underside of the shapes when the driver’s attention is required. Aside from this, the interior’s familiarity seems to be an response to many other automakers call for things like bigger flashy screens, swiveling interiors and more quirky changes. Despite the Vision Next 100’s far-out exterior, at its heart, its rooted in being a straightforward driving machine.

Designer: Seungmo Lim & Henri von Freyberg for BMW



















Pets Need Personal Space Too


If you’re like me, you don’t want your pet on the furniture, but you also want him to have a comfy place of his own. The problem is, pet beds are often unsightly and if you have a small space, they take up more room than you’re willing to spare. The designers at Phiaro have come up with a clever solution: furniture that doubles as a place for pets or at least blends in with your interior style. What looks like a simple side table also has a discrete underlying level for your little pal to hang out. Alternatively, you can choose the funky dome-esque home – a sculptural sanctuary your pet will wuv!

Designer: Phiaro