3 Sinks in 1!


The Lifting Sink offers an innovative yet entirely simplistic way to customize the size of your sink while also reducing water consumption. Composed of three nested metal layers, it’s storage capacity of this sink can be adjusting in a cinch! When only a handful of things or small items need to be cleaned, select the small size or when you have larger pots or many items, select the larger sink. In each case, it will take less water to fill and contain items more efficiently!

Designers: Chengyong Li, Lei Yang, Sian Lin & Peishan He



Say hello to the world’s first eye-phones!

No no. Not iPhone (a classic Apple product that this world dearly loves)… This is an eye-phone, a beautiful hybrid between eyeglasses, and headphones.

The Zungle Panther look like an unsuspecting pair of wayfarers, but what you’ll never figure out is that built right into the temples (the side thingies that rest on your ears) of the sunglasses are Bluetooth powered bone-conduction earphones. So while it literally looks like you’re wearing an ordinary yet stylish pair of shades, you’re actually cutting the sun out, looking stylish, while also listening to music!

I’ve been a long-standing advocate of bone conducting earphones. They’re great conceptually because they don’t damage your eardrums since they don’t go into your eardrums. The audio quality has a long way to go since this technology came into the mainstream not more than 5 years ago. However, if there was one product that does the most justice to the bone-conducting technology, it’s probably the sunglasses, because they look exactly like any pair of glasses, but what they’re secretly doing is pumping audio into your head directly.

Perfect for covert music-listening scenarios, the Panther sunglasses (sorry, eye-phones) are great for listening to music in public, and especially for places where putting earphones on would seem rude. They even work as bluetooth headsets, allowing you to answer calls and talk on the phone (or on the sunglasses?). They don’t block your ears, so you can hear the world around you, which works wonderfully for pedestrians or just wearing outdoors, while we recommend you don’t wear these while driving (sunglasses and audio aren’t the ideal combo behind the wheel). As a bonus, here’s another crazy thing you can do with the Zungle eye-phones. Click on the link, watch the video and thank us later!!

Designer: Zungle













Microphone, meet Modularity!


I didn’t realize what a game-changer the Korus Microphone could be until I saw it. This concept microphone explores two of the most exciting domains in electronics. Wireless-ness, and Modularity.

Imagine having just one microphone take care of all your recording needs? Depending on what you’re recording, all you need to do is swap the microphone head and base and you’re good to go. The Korus uses a standard wireless module and multiple microphone heads that just snap right on. Want to record your voice? Snap in the microphone with the pop-filter (ideal for vocal capture) and you’re ready to go. For instruments, you could switch to the directional recording attachment. You could even switch to the outdoor mic module for, well, outdoor recording. The Korus even explores modularity in the bases too. Ranging from a clip-on base with a gooseneck for pointing it in any direction, to a vice-mount for mounting onto instruments, to a tripod-stand mount, to even a easy-to-grip microphone handle base, the Korus leaves no stone unturned.

However, the true magic of the Korus concept lies in the middle component that acts as the binding unit. This takes care of the recording as well as adds the wireless feature to your microphone. You set the mic up using the Korus app, allowing you to control multiple Korus mics (trust me, that’s a big deal) all within one single interface. Since going wireless has certain limitations, Korus uses a router of sorts that plugs into your tablet and interfaces with the microphones, making sure there’s no audio hang-up or latency.

The Korus is designed to take the hassle out of audio recording. Setting up for a recording can take up to hours even without the sound-check (which takes even more time). The Korus uses modularity, and a brilliant interface to give you all the power while taking out the headache of organizing and setting up out of it. Let’s hope this one doesn’t remain a concept for long!

Designers: Joe Miller & DCA Design.















A Bike with Many Layers


Don’t be deceived by its seeming bulkiness, the REVO bike is actually composed of a minimal combination of 3D printed plastic, wooden and steel materials that arrive flat-packed and ready to put together!

At the heart of the design is a frame featuring two like-sized wood sheets with an open center. Together, these sandwich the other components in a sensible order that make it intuitive and easy to put together in layers. Also formed by this unique framing is an elongated saddle that makes it incredibly comfortable for two riders!

Designer: Tamás Túri











Don’t go camping without it!

Water pressure can make or break a shower (ask Seinfeld, he made an entire episode on a shower head). A good shower is all about good water pressure, but you can’t get that outdoors. When on a trip, or a trek, the punch-holes-in-a-bottle technique works in theory, but A) you actually end up using more water, and B) it just doesn’t feel the same.

Nemo’s Helio Pressure Shower does the trick by allowing you to actually foot-pump the pressure into your water. The pump uses a water reservoir, a pedal, and a shower head to give you a forceful flow of water that cleans the dirt right off you. The Helio lends itself to various applications where a water jet would be required. Surfers or water-sports enthusiasts can use the Helio to hose down their gear and quickly wash mud or sand off their body. Outdoor campers can use the Helio’s pressure system to easily wash utensils after a nice campfire cookout, and even run quick errands like clean their car or rinse off your dog who’s gamboled in the mud.

Literally built for travel, the Helio is made from a flexible tarp-like material that expands and contracts when you work the foot-pedal. Drain all the air and water out, and it compresses to 1/4th its size to fit into a neat carrying case the size of a cushion. The Helio tank conserves water by giving it pressure, meaning you need less of it to clean anything. The tank/reservoir comes with a capacity of 11 liters (the size of a bucket), a perfect amount for a short yet invigorating shower… because sometimes a good shower can make all the difference to your day!

Designer: Nemo