A Bug-inspired Builder

Safety is key when it comes to construction sites, so why does current heavy machinery have standard doors that are cumbersome and potentially dangerous? That’s the question designed Jee Na Jun asked when conceiving the C-ANT forklift.

The design explores an alternative entry and exit method that’s not only safer for workers to use, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the machinery. The circular shape takes inspiration from ants, nature’s most famous constructors. The door itself is near seamlessly integrated into the body, opening and closing by rotating rather than outward. Inside, the operator has unparalleled views and is kept safely out of harms way thanks to the naturally protective shape and rigid construction.

Designer: Jee Na Jun

A Chic Twist on the Sewing Machine


You expect your clothes to be stylish, so why not the machine that’s used to make them?! PDF HAUS explores this idea by applying the design language of Vifa, a high-end audio maker, to a modern sewing machine.

Clad in Vifa’s signature, special-woven textile Kvadrat cover, the look is warm and inviting in contrast with its minimalist control features. Perfect for any clothes maker who values Nordic design or simply wants their tools to look as good as the clothes they make!

Designer: PDF HAUS







Let physics hold your table together


Take a look at the Multi Tier Shelf for a bit. Do you notice how the shelf is held together not by fixtures, but by sheer interference? The outward facing legs prevent the shelves from sliding downwards. Isn’t that just the most simple solution ever? Ditch the nails, wooden pegs, glue, screws, and that tool kit. Gravity and physics will work just fine!

I personally love the touch given to the shelves near the holes through which the legs pass. The fabric, almost elastic effect gives the wood the illusion of being pulled, creating an aesthetic detail that you won’t forget for quite some time!

Designer: Ammar Kalo


Lightweight Laundromat


Almost all consumer electronics have experienced the ‘portability’ wave, haven’t they? Vacuum cleaners became hand-held dustbusters, stoves have been portable for ages now. Even the refrigerator shrank down so it could fit in the boot of your car and travel to campsites. However, the washing machine never really fully saw a portable variant. You know what that means? It’s a wonderfully unexplored segment for designers!

The Buck Wash aims at bringing the technology of a washing machine into the footprint of a bucket. Designed for the lower-middle class Indian who still washes clothes by hand because they can’t afford and/or don’t have the space for a washing machine, the Buck Wash is perfectly sized, priced, and interfaced. Keeping things simple and functional, the Buck comes with a single knob that takes care of it all. A single drum on the inside has a unique shape with a centrifugal character. This, and other innovations by the designer allow it to work like a charm and also use up to 40% less water. Plus with its clean, pure aesthetic, it fulfills the aspirational need to own a washing machine.

Designer: Raja Sandeep Kumar




Yanko Claus Gift #2: Squarestreet


Pure black aluminum seems to be in major style this year. So what if you couldn’t get your hands on the iPhone 7 jet black edition, we’re giving away one deliciously black SQ31 Aluminum watch ($275) by Squarestreet to a lucky reader! Crafted out of the 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum alloy, with an Italian leather strap, this timepiece is the embodiment of premium, minimalist watch design. We must be crazy for giving you this for free!

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