Comfy Computing!


The O Mousepad probably has a reason behind its name. My reason, however, is that it’s named so because it makes me go “Oh, so cool!”. The idea is simple, and production is even simpler. Just stick strips of Velcro on the sides and you’re done! Roll up the mousepad when you feel wrist fatigue and you’ve got yourself a makeshift, but pretty comfortable hand-rest!

The O Mousepad is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2015.

Designer: Innozen Product Design



Aerodynamic Audio!


This Beosound Wireless Speaker concept looks like it’s waiting to be cast in a SciFi movie, but no, it isn’t a UFO. It’s a pretty neat hi-end audio speaker with a cut-out in the center that spews beautifully delicious tunes in a 360° radius. The Insides show a massive all-in-one driver with a great deal of circuitry, hinting at its digital audio prowess. The outsides, however make the speaker look like it’s speeding faster than the speed of sound!

Designer: Myeonghoon Lee









A watch like you’ve never seen

You know, I thought we were done with watches. I’ve seen so many now that are just derivatives of either analog watches, or of digital watches, or even smartwatches that I said to myself, it would be very hard to surprise me. Guess the guys at Division Furtive took that challenge up, because the Type 50 watch is just insane. On first glance, it looks like someone printed the user manual on the face of the watch itself, and you’d probably wonder why in the name of Geneva would someone make something so complicated? That’s where I come handy, with my explanations and all that. You see, the Type 50 isn’t a regular watch. In fact, it doesn’t even have one conventional element in it aside from the straps that go around your wrist. The Type 50 is completely new, completely different. It isn’t Analog, it’s not really conventionally digital (it doesn’t have a screen either). The watch is just a black box shrouded in electronic mystery that tells the time by flashing white LEDs along a printed numeric guide, telling you the time as well as the day, and even the current lunar phase (the LEDs are powerful enough to even double up as an emergency flashlight). If you thought that was different, get this. The watch is powered by a AAA battery (ridiculous!) and gets calibrated by your phone. Wait what? Your phone…literally programs your watch by flashing strobe lights from its screen at it. Like its speaking some alien robot language to it! I’ve got to admit, the Type 50 watch is so unbelievably different and alien, I’m definitely awed by it… but I’m also a little scared of it!

Designer: Gabriel Ménard

Buy It Here: $239.00 $320.00







Where there is light, there is shadow.


Divided/By watch is inspired by the natural phenomenon of light and shadow. It applies this relationship to form the simplest way of displaying time.

No dials, no digital interface… instead, the design represents time through elevated contours. A soft woven fabric conceals the mechanism inside simply allowing the user to identify time through the shape and size of the risen contours. This way the time is showcased in the most minimal form – with light and shadow!

Designer: Sushant Vohra






Being Lazy Just Got Easier


This quirky design will make you giggle but it’s actually quite sensible! The first of its kind, the Lazy Pad was designed for those of us who like to sprawl out on the floor while we play with or work on our tablets, computers or phones.

This unnatural positioning puts a lot of strain on the back, elbows, shoulders and wrists. The ergonomic Lazy Pad addresses this problem by providing a place to prop up that takes pressure off the arms and shoulders, distributing weight across the upper body. Made from nylon, its flexible form is comfy to rest on for those times you just gotta be a ‘lil lazy!

Designer: CoolWares Lab