The Baywatch inspired Drone!


If you look at a drone, and at a hovercraft, there isn’t much difference between them. Both of them rely on fan-based propulsion, but just in different directions. The Amphibious Joint Lifeguard UAV is essentially a surveillance drone, but it does the job of a motorized flotation device too. The device hovers around vertically over the shore warning swimmers who swim too far into the ocean. In the unlikely event of a driftaway, the drone heads for the victim and plunges itself into the water near it. The victim holds on while the drone pulls him/her to the shore, powering through the tide with its powerful rotors. The body of the drone, aside from being buoyant, come with solar panels, giving the UAV freedom to save lives without worrying about battery power!

The Amphibious Joint Lifeguard UAV is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2016.

Designer: Sarsenbek Hazken






No More FOMO!

The FOMO Survival Kit isn’t really a survival kit. It’s what I would call artistic design, because rather than solving a purpose, it’s more of a form of expression. FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, is a syndrome of sorts that describe how outgoing millenials feel when they miss out on any experience. The FOMO Survival Kit is actually a party invitation in disguise. It manifests itself in the form of a survival kit, playing with the idea of surviving the elements of the urban jungle. The Whistle is actually an audio invitation that plays out to you when you blow into one end, the compass does its bit by guiding you to your destination, while the flashlight brilliantly flashes out the time left to the party. Cool, isn’t it?!

Designer: Lara Defayes





A Travel Thermos with Poetic Grace

The vessel you drink your coffee or any other beverage from has quite a large impact on the overall drinking experience. There’s something much more enjoyable and graceful about drinking from a cup or mug, than from those industrial looking thermoses. The one caveat is that cups and mugs however, don’t keep our drinks warm or cold for too long. That’s why the lttl tumbler takes the best of both worlds and merges it together to give you the world’s most effective and elegant travel mug. The great thing about the lttl is how simple it looks on the outside. It doesn’t have a spout/nozzle or fixed drinking area like other thermoses. The lttl’s cap allows you to naturally sip your drink from anywhere on the rim, just like how you would in a regular cup. A beautifully designed cap ensures that the drink doesn’t spill or overflow, and the fact that it has flow holes all across the rim, allowing you to sip from anywhere. The cap’s inset into the tumbler, making sure it doesn’t become an obstacle for your nose. Twist to lock the cap and it creates a water-tight seal that withstands being jostled or even upside down.

The lttl’s tumbler design is simple and so pure, it feels like a tumbler in your hand and against your lips, rather than a flask. It still does a great job of insulating your beverages, keeping your hot drinks hot for 4 hours and your cold drinks cold throughout the entire day. The tumbler and the cap’s design are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and completely BPA free. The lttl comes in 4 colors with my favorite being the unusual yet beautiful ‘soft lavender’, and the matte/brushed metallic finish on the outside feels luxurious to the touch. Available at an incredible earlybird price of $12 (qtys limited), the lttl tumbler will make you love drinking your daily tea/coffee even more… because sometimes the perfect beverage can uplift your entire day!

Designer: Impel Studio

Pre-Order Now: $25.00












See, Hear, & Breathe Easy

NOVA is more than just an air purifier. This “nomadic” product can be placed anywhere and everywhere to not only clean the surrounding air of pollen, dust, and particles, but also provide an ambient glow and music! It triples as a portable speaker and light to ensure that no matter where you move about, you can always see, have your favorite music, and breathe clean, safe air.

Designers: Dana Alaaeddine, Tutku Bayat & Gülesin Özkoç








Organized Chaos

This artistic twist on the credenza ditches the doors for an entirely new way of storing and securing your stuff! Titled “Chaos”, it earns its namesake from the Chaos Theory from which it was inspired. It’s seemingly random, yet entirely intentional.

Its permeable and elastic bands can store books, computer and other objects, while inviting the user to interact with the credenza in an entirely new way. Its unique composition forms an alternative facade that allows you to view objects stored in a fragmented way.

Designer: Alessandro Criscito